Passion Pursuits: Can’t decide which passion to pursue today? Learn how one master coach continually evolves to pursue his passions

We each bring some unique expression into this world…and that gift needs to be shared with other people.” – Michael Trotta

Aaah, it’s April.

I have a radical idea for you this month.

Instead of tackling your typical spring cleaning projects, spend some time pursuing the things that interest you most.

Get your hands in the dirt and plant some hydrangeas. Head to the art store and pick out new tubes of paint in vivid colors. Or do as I did, buy reeds for that old saxophone that’s been collecting dust.

But maybe you can’t decide which passion to pursue because too many things are enticing you at the moment. If this is you, check out this month’s inspiring Passion Pursuits interview.

I speak to master coach Michael Trotta about the metamorphoses he’s gone through in his career to continually pursue the things that he’s most passionate about.

Michael and his wife Lynn are founders of the Safefire Institute where they help people to discover their Original Medicine (or the unique gifts we were meant to share), among many other things.

Michael is someone who has successfully transitioned to making a living of his passion full-time (on several occasions), and this interview is chocked full of amazing wisdom on how you can do the same. Check it out:

Click here to learn more about Michael, and the amazing work they’re doing at the Sagefire Institute.

So instead of cleaning the gutters and sweeping the garage this April, I challenge you to make time to pursue the things that fuel your day, make you come alive, and give you the opportunity to share your unique gifts with others.

And tell me, what are your passions at the moment? Do you have more than one? Post a comment below.


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