Are You Pursuing the Wrong Dream?

We’ve been taught from the youngest age that the modern dream is to work hard, get a good job, and make enough money to buy all the things we want. This dream has been pushed on us by a corporate consumer culture focused mainly on progress and economic growth. But what if we’ve been pursuing the wrong dream?

There is growing awareness that the modern world’s culture based on consumption and growth – no matter what the expense to nature or people – is not only depleting Earth of essential natural resources, but it has the potential to destroy our childrens’ livelihoods.

But there is another dream – an ancient dream preserved by indigenous cultures. It’s a dream that honors and sustains life, where everything is connected and all life is sacred.

Achuar woman. Photo from:

Photo from:

This is the story of the Pachamama Alliance, an organization working with the Achuar Tribe of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and help change the dream of the modern world.

To help tell their story, I spoke with Ruel Walker, Educational Program Development Manager, about Pachamama’s extraordinary work with the Achuar people and how you can get involved. Click the video below to watch the interview.

Post a comment. Have you ever set the intention to consume less and did you succeed? How do you connect with nature? Do you think it’s possible to join the best aspects of the modern and the indigenous worlds to create a new, shared dream for Planet Earth? Post your comments below.

Your challenge. Your challenge for this week is to evaluate your dream. Are you motivated by making more money to buy that bigger house or that third car or that flatter flat screen? What ways can you connect more with the people in your life and community and with nature or give back to Mother Earth? You’re already on the right track because you’re reading Shanti Pax, but consider taking it to the next level by attending an event, such as an Awakening the Dreamer Symposium in your area (click here to find out more).

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Remember, it’s the little changes we make in our daily life that brings greater peace to the whole.

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  1. Mindi
    Mindi says:

    Hope is the belief that what you’re doing makes sense, regardless of the outcome – such a great quote, and an inspiring interview. I watched it twice, Allyson, thank you for bringing us another powerful message and story!

  2. Guthrie
    Guthrie says:

    I’m inspired by the story of the Achuar receiving the message that there was danger coming and deciding to go forward to proactively meet it. If only we all could be so brave!

    I love the addition of the video! Great work!

    • Allyson
      Allyson says:

      I agree. I love the idea of fusing the best aspects of indigenous culture with the best aspects of the modern world and leaving everything else behind.

  3. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    What an excellent, thought-provoking interview with Ruel Walker. Your added dimension of a video brought us all to a new level of connecting, Allyson.
    Mr. Walker’s comments about ‘changing your routine of thinking’ and ‘finding a way to act in community’ are certainly ideas to ponder. We should all check out Pachamama’s website!

    • Allyson
      Allyson says:

      I have to admit, I like the video too. Do check out their website. The work they’re doing is amazing. Because of Pachamama, I re-evaulated my own levels of consumption and was able to easily start consuming less and felt SOO much happier — that’s the amazing part.

  4. Alec
    Alec says:

    Wonderful to see both of you in your video! Congratulations on Shantipax’s first blog video!
    Wonderful work being done by Pachamana and Shantipax!
    Much love from Seattle

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