My Biggest Wins + Lessons From 2022

“My #1 lesson is that business pivots take time, space, and a bit of income.”

Lessons are the biggest growth opportunities

Happy New Year!

YAY! It’s 2023!

Before we forge ahead, I’d love to do a look back and share my 3 biggest wins and lessons from 2022.


My #1 win was my business pivot.

I pivoted from being a spiritual business coach to a spiritual mentor – who also does business coaching among other powerful things.

This meant I came out of the closet as a psychic medium.

Before, this was something I only offered my private clients or classes. I tried to make sure my audience was 100% on board with the whole psychic thing before I introduced this part of myself.

Otherwise, I kept it all a big spiritual secret.

This pivot organically appeared after I finally shared the story of my near death experience (NDE) for the first time on my podcast this year.

It was scary to share something so vulnerable and out of the ordinary (even for an NDE), but facing my fears led to a magical chain of events that took me to a truer, more aligned, and joyful place.

It also led to the launch of my new signature program, Soul Blueprint.

My #2 win was the high and consistent amounts of energetic HARMONY I experienced.

In 2022, I experienced zero burnout. I had healthy boundaries around my schedule that I maintained. I understood my energy in more sophisticated ways than I ever have before.

I mapped my natural energy cycles for a day, week, month, and year, and I designed my whole schedule around these cycles – to include taking two months off in July and August.

To maintain harmonious energy, I moved more. I consistently went to Zumba and yoga and on nature walks.

I made huge progress on learning Dutch, which was made possible because I carved out time for it – instead of being overly focused on business (as in years past).

I’m excited to take my energetic harmony to the next level in 2023. I already have plans in place to offload more parts of my day that can be energy draining.

My #3 biggest win was manifesting my house.

My husband and I bought our dream house in 2022. But the better way to say it is: We manifested our house in 2022.

I don’t have the words to describe how statistically impossible it was for us to buy our house. So I chalk it up to pure manifestation.

Our neighborhood in The Hague, Netherlands was just voted the nicest neighborhood in the country. We live…

  • A 10-minute walk to the beach,
  • A 5-minute to a national park
  • A 5-minute walk to our daughter’s school
  • A 10-minute bike ride to a beautiful downtown

Before we bought, we had dozens of people tell us how IMPOSSIBLE it is to buy a house in our neighborhood. They told us the best we could hope for was to continue renting. They told us you have to have major connections or have lived in the neighborhood for several generations.

And…using my spiritual Gift of Manifestation, I was able to tune the naysayers OUT and my desire IN.


My #1 lesson is that business pivots take time, space, and a bit of income.

I didn’t choose my business pivot, it chose me.

You see, my business had been humming along great for years. From 2018-2021, I consistently doubled or tripled my annual income each year.

But then all the sudden, the monthly income started to decrease. Part of it was changes in the market, but it was more than that.

I was doing everything as I had done, but it wasn’t working.

When I dug deeper, I realized I wanted to offer a spiritually-focused program. I wanted to finally tell the story of my NDE and truly come out as a psychic medium.

So I decided not to offer a program that would have earned me at least $150,000 to offer the pilot for Soul Blueprint.

This meant that the business income slowed down even more, but my expenses did not.

I wasn’t in the red, but I started breaking even each month. And it took me longer than it should have to see that I had to reduce business expenses.

The whole process made me realize that business pivots take time and space. I needed to figure out what I was pivoting to, and it required a lot of inner reflection. For most business owners, this is going to mean a slow down in income for a period of time, and that’s OK.

And most importantly, I’m the owner of a thriving multi-6 figure business that I’ve never been more proud of, aligned to, or in love with.

My #2 lesson is I don’t need to give all of my money to Mark Zuckerberg.

I figured out Facebook ads….for a period of time.

For several years, I was earning big returns on my Facebook ad investments. It was very common for me to get a client investing $10k+ for one of my programs after just finding me from a $3 Facebook ad.

Then, all of the sudden the ads stopped working. (And nearly all of my peers experienced something similar.)

I was still getting new leads from the ads, but they weren’t converting into high (or even low) paying clients.

But I was stuck in the limiting belief of: “Facebook ads are the best way to grow my business.”

So I kept investing money into ads month after month without getting a financial return. And then I finally realized, I don’t need to make Mark Zukerberg any richer than he already is.

So my ad budget went from $4000-$5000/month to $0, and I started focusing on “Soul Partnerships.” I sought out other coaches and healers that I felt really connected to and asked them two questions:

  • One, how can I add value to your community?
  • And two, how can I support you and your business?

Since doing that, I have made an incredible circle of business soul partners (aka business besties). And I’ve done countless podcast guest interviews, summits, speaker series, and guest instructing.

And guess what? My mailing list has continued to grow, clients come in from all sorts of magical places, and the people who find me through these soul partnerships feel an immediate connection to me and are excited to invest in my offerings.

My #3 lesson is I need alone time in sophisticated ways.

My Human Design profile is a 6/2 – the Hermit and the Role Model. This means that in order for me to be the role model for others, I have to hermit (or spend ample time alone).

And while I had already learned this about myself a few years ago, I approached my alone time all wrong.

I understood alone time to be “working alone.” So I carved out a few hours each morning to work alone – without clients or classes – and that was my hermit time.

But that started to feel very heavy, and I realized that I need to take a more harmonious approach to my hermit time.

I needed to add exercise to my alone time, walks in nature, learning Dutch, and taking long baths – all in the middle of the “work day.”

I also realized that it was important for me to travel alone (without children).

So I took my first solo trip since 2017, and I went on a retreat to Morocco, which was one of the greatest trips of my life.

In fact, I’m writing you this final message of 2022 from Aruba, where I am on holiday with my family – having a truly amazing time. And I have carved out blocks of alone time for myself during the trip, so my energy can remain harmonious. 🙂

As we enter a New Year, I want to say how truly grateful I am to have you part of my circle.

I’ve felt your love and support throughout the whole year, and I want to thank you for that from the bottom of my Heart Chakra.

And here’s to 2023!

2023 is going to be a beautiful year for lightworkers. So let’s make it our year!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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