Go from a life of lack to soul-aligned abundance by making manifestation a lifestyle… in only 5 weeks!

You deserve a manifestation process that offers leading-edge insights, easy-to-implement techniques, and real results.


Mastering Manifestation

A powerful 5-week course that reveals the secret to Energetic Manifestation, so that you can attract more wealth, connection, abundance, and joy. This program offers simple – but powerful – tools to help you turn manifestation into a lifestyle so you can start intending a life of joy and abundance by your own design.

Mastering Manifestation includes:

✓ 6 Master-Level Training Videos

Six 30-minute training videos that reveal the secrets to boosting your manifestational frequencies through clarifying your desires, clearing your resistance, setting dream intentions, tuning your energetic frequency, and making manifestation a lifestyle! 

✓ 5 Guided Meditations

Designed to help you deeply align to each week’s trainings and implement the lessons with more ease and confidence. Each meditation includes a version set to special music to enable you to sink into a deeper meditation.

✓ 5 Printable Worksheets

Including powerful journal prompts that will help you raise your energetic frequency, discover where you may be inadvertently holding yourself back, and take inspired action.

Plus get Bonus Access to…

✓ SLEEP AND GROW RICH (valued at $37)

Get instant access to Sleep and Grow Rich, the ultimate nighttime mindfulness and manifesting practice that will allow you to manifest wealth while you sleep!

This expert-led 5-week course is for:

⭐ Soul-guided entrepreneurs ready to fill their business with soul clients

⭐ Soul-guided leaders ready to stop reacting to what life throws at them and start living the life they want to live

⭐ Lightworkers ready to make manifestation a lifestyle so they can stop reacting and start intending a life of joy and abundance by their own design

You’ll discover how to:

  • Create ease-ful, expansive morning and nighttime routines so that manifestation becomes a lifestyle 
  • Get CLEAR on what you want to manifest and create the space for your dream intention to arrive
  • Use master-level visualization techniques to boost your spiritual gift of manifestation
  • Connect more deeply to your spiritual gifts of intuition and teaching
  • Clear the resistance that can keep you from experiencing the full potential of your gifts
  • Troubleshoot the typical manifestation traps that people fall into
  • Take the right inspired action to align to your visions
  • Identify and raise your dominant energetic frequency, so you can start to create your manifest reality with intention 

Have you been feeling as though you’re in a slump… and that the growth or gratification that you’ve been seeking just isn’t arriving?

Have you read a lot about and even invested money in manifestation products, but still feel stuck?

Maybe you’ve been feeling overcome by the energetic frequency of lack – a lack of finances, a lack of nourishing social connections, a lack of love, or a lack of adventure.

You may have tried manifestation training in the past, but found that the techniques didn’t resonate with you, didn’t align with your lifestyle, or didn’t offer real results.

What if you were able to manifest anything that you want to bring into your experience – whether it’s more money, more connection, more freedom, or more creativity – using proven and powerful techniques that fit easily into your daily routine?

What if you could use your spiritual gift of manifestation to create the life you’ve always dreamed of… with more ease, intention, and confidence?

Whether you’re just starting out on your spiritual path or looking to enhance your daily practice, Mastering Manifestation will help you develop a deeper understanding of how manifestation
really works, with cutting-edge tools and high-level insights that will enable you to become a master manifester… in just over one month.

You’ll discover how to gain incredible clarity on your most aligned desires, snap yourself out of a mindset of lack, align to the energetic frequency of your dream intentions, avoid the most common manifestation traps, use powerful visualization techniques to boost your manifestational gift, and take the right actions to bring your dreams into reality!

It’s time to embrace your innate ability to manifest a life that you will love. I created Mastering Manifestation with one simple but powerful goal: to help soul-guided entrepreneurs and leaders learn how to amplify their spiritual gift of manifestation – even if they’ve never tried to manifest before!

Hi, I'm Allyson!

A master intuitive coach, psychic medium, and energy healer.

My mission is to help soul-guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs amplify their spiritual gifts and upgrade their energy frequency to gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. 

As the founder of the Soul Guide Academy and the host of the Soul Guide Radio podcast, I’ve helped thousands of leaders and light workers to earn more, serve more, and grow spiritually along the way.

I’ve heard from countless clients about how working with me has helped transform their daily lives, and realize those bigger, juicier dreams they have for themselves and their business.

Mastering Manifestation is the ultimate tool kit for inviting more wealth, joy, connection, and abundance into your reality with ease

If you’re tired of manifestation tools that don’t work for you, then I invite you to experience manifestation training that is
intentionally designed to help you succeed.

Mastering Manifestation’s five Master-Level Training videos are paired with Guided Meditations that will allow you to start manifesting your biggest dreams, and Printable Worksheets that will guide you to take inspired action, tap into your intuition, and tune your energetic frequency to align with your dream intentions, week by week.

Each aspect of this program works together to help you deeply understand the process of manifesting, the connection between manifestation and your energetic frequency, and your best next steps for creating your manifest reality. By the end of the program, you’ll have all the spiritual tools and insights you need to attract the things you want most in life: more wealth, more soul clients, more time freedom, or whatever else you desire!

Here’s how it works…

Upon purchase, you will receive an email that will contain a link to the Mastering Manifestation program elements, including the 5 Mastering Manifestation Training Videos, 5 Guided Meditations, and 5 Printable Worksheets. 

You will also receive instant access to my Sleep and Grow Rich program, including the Sleep and Grow Rich Nighttime Guided Meditation, Training Video, Printable Worksheet, and 3 Bonus Guided Meditations.

Love the soul-aligned results that you create through Mastering Manifestation? Want to discover more tools that will help you to amplify your spiritual gifts and experience more abundance? Join your fellow soul-guided lightworkers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in my private Soul Guide Collective membership!


Q. How will I receive all the components of Mastering Manifestation?

Once you’ve purchased Mastering Manifestation, you will receive an email containing a link to all elements of the program, plus your bonus access to Sleep and Grow Rich. The worksheets may be downloaded instantly and printed, so that you can fill them out each week as you progress through the program. The meditations are mp3 files that you may download and listen to on your phone or computer. 

Q. How do I use the meditations?

There are five meditations, and each one corresponds to the training video for a specific week. Along with your printable worksheets, these meditations are designed to deepen your understanding of the lessons offered week by week. They may be revisited any time you wish!

Q. Is Mastering Manifestation for me if I am not really experienced in spiritual practices?

Yes! Mastering Manifestation is a perfect practice for anyone who wants to learn how to amplify their gift of manifestation. It’s designed to work for both seasoned lightworkers and those newer to spiritual practices. I also recommend my free Ten High Vibe Minutes ultimate morning mindfulness practice.

Q. Are refunds available?

No, refunds are not available for this product.

"Simply being in Allyson Scammell's presence is an inspiration… Allyson gives generously of her time and skills, and I consider myself blessed to know her."
Michelle Wolff
Human Design Consultant
"Allyson’s guided meditations are truly keeping me aligned with my soul-guided business while slowly, but steadily helping me release what is holding me back. Since I've been using the mediations every day, I feel more focused, aligned, and connected with the energy of abundance, ease and flow. My clients seem to find me more easily and I’ve also had financial opportunities knocking on my door."
Maike Korte
Life Coach and Owner of Mind-Sense-Go
"Working with Allyson is like talking with a close sister who is always able to identify your highest potential. Her intuitive gifts are potent and at the same time shared with infinite kindness, joy, and accuracy. Her guided meditations have helped me open up space for greater possibilities than I ever thought possible. If you're searching for your best next steps then this will help you get there."
Paz C.A.
Innovation Strategist

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