10 high vibe minutes:

The Ultimate Daily Mindfulness Practice
for Busy Soul-Guided Leaders and Entrepreneurs

🤍 Deepen your connection to the spiritual realm,
Keep your energy clean and high vibe,
Energetically align to the soul of your business, and…

Receive big abundance while making a massive impact.

10 High Vibe Minutes includes:

☑️  A Divine Checklist that takes you through the 5 parts to the Ultimate Daily Mindfulness Practice – with journal prompts that get updated quarterly,

☑️  A 10-Minute Guided Meditation to help you stay high vibe the whole day, and

☑️  A Class REPLAY on turning your daily mindfulness practice into a powerful manifestation tool to manifest big wealth and abundance in 2023

Spiritual growth is not about speed or big action. It’s small steps taken consistently over time that leads to MASSIVE GROWTH.

You’re ready to grow your heart-centered business to earn real revenue while lifting up humanity.

You want a daily mindfulness practice that keeps your energy high vibe and aligned to your highest business dreams and intentions.


It’s hard to maintain a consistent daily spiritual practice in our busy, overly plugged-in world.

You hear dozens of different coaches all offering you advice, and you feel overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start or what works the best for you.

I understand oh so well!

I used to have a well oiled daily spiritual practice. Then I became a mom, and it got completely derailed.

And I found all sorts of excuses and blamed my children and circumstances for my inability to carve out 10 minutes of quiet for inner reflection.

Then I realized, I was approaching my daily spiritual practice ALL WRONG, which is why I couldn’t maintain consistency.

So I convened my Divine Support Team and asked for guidance regarding the best 10-minute spiritual routine for soul-guided entrepreneurs in today’s energy.

What we co-created can be tailored to all energy types and schedules, and it includes important daily energy hygiene and alignment.

The end results of the right spiritual practice for you (that you stick to) will blow your mind.

Before you know it, your highest-aligned dreams and desires will be arriving with joy, ease, and speed.

10 High Vibe Minutes Includes:

🤍 Your divine checklist with journal prompts, 

🤍 A Guided High Vibe meditation, and

🤍 A Class Replay on how to:

  • Design your spiritual practice to suit your unique energy
  • Quiet your thoughts – no matter how short your attentions span or active your brain chatter
  • Make your daily spiritual practice a powerful tool to manifesting all of your life and business dreams

Use 10 High Vibe Minutes on the daily, and you’ll:

🤍 Amplify your spiritual gifts and connection to the spiritual realm

🤍 Continually shifting your energy back to a FLOW state that allowing you to experience more joy and ease

🤍 Energetically aligned to the soul of your business so the right clients are arriving at just the right time while your revenue grows and grows

It’s time to raise your overall energy vibration to the higher levels where everything is possible and your highest dreams are waiting to be manifested.


Hi, I'm Allyson!

I’m a Master Intuitive Business Coach and Spiritual Mentor.

My mission is to help soul-guided leaders and entrepreneurs to amplify their spiritual gifts, active their big Soul Mission, and grow a heart-centered business that makes earns big revenue while making a massive impact.

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