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Becoming a Better Leader Through Self-Leadership with Jodi Flynn

If you want to be a leader who inspires your audience, you’re going to love this episode. This week I had the pleasure of speaking with podcaster, author and executive leadership coach Jodi Flynn whose mission is helping Type-A entrepreneurs achieve their biggest goals with ease by identifying and overcoming the obstacles that are getting in their way. We explored becoming the type of leader who inspires others, overcoming perfectionism, and alignment within yourself to successfully run a soul led business.

Jodi shared how acting like a scientist and having a curious mindset can help you to overcome the fear of failing and help grow your business. She shares other tips about how to not fall into the trap of doing something in your business because it’s what “the experts” say you need to do, but it’s not something you are comfortable with as a soul-led entrepreneur. We also discussed how the stories we tell ourselves about our situations play into our mindset. Jodi details how she coaches her clients to question those stories and how to change them in order to have a healthy mindset. Finally, Jodi shares how just changing your language in certain circumstances can immediately move you from a feeling of frustration to empowerment.

Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead is an Executive Leadership Coach, Podcaster, Author, Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator for people-leaders. She works with rising women to improve the skills that advance them to the top levels in their career. She is the host of the critically acclaimed Women Taking the Lead podcast, and an Amazon bestselling author with her book, Accomplished: How to Go from Dreaming to Doing.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • How to become a better leader through self-leadership
  • What self-leadership means
  • How a healthy mindset can make you a leader who inspires your ideal audience

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