The Power of Forgetting About Your Goals and Dreams

Quick, think of a big dream or goal you have for your life or business.

Many of the Law of Attraction gurus tell you that in order to manifest your dreams and desires, you have to get really clear on what you want, write it down, and focus on it every day to bring it into your experience.

My question for you is…have you ever done all of those things and still saw zero results?

I know I have. So i
n today’s episode of She Grows, I’m going flip some of what we’ve been told about manifestation on its head.

The truth is, when we want something too badly, we put the wrong focus on it. We think about it too much, and it creates attachment. When we’re attached, we go into lack energy and kick our goal or dream further down the road.

So today I want to share with you why forgetting about your biggest goals and dreams from time to time will help you release your attachment. I’ll explain how to release your attachment and what to do instead to call your deepest desires into your experience.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • Why forgetting about your goals helps you to manifest them,
  • How to release your attachment, and
  • What to do instead to call your desires into your experience


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