Expanding the Reach of Your Soul-Guided Message By Writing a Book with Jyotsna Ramachandran

Is there​ a book inside you?​​

​​Most of the soul-guided entrepreneurs I work with feel in their heart that there is a book inside of them with a signature message.

They’d like to get out there someday, even if they don’t consider themselves a writer.

In this episode of She Grows, I chat with Jyotsna Ramachandran, a bestselling author, book publisher, TEDx speaker, to talk about how to expand the reach of your soul-guided message by writing a book.

During our conversation, Joytsna shares her 3-step process for choosing 
the perfect topic for your first book and explains how writing a book can help an entrepreneur grow their audience and expand the reach of their soul-guided message.

She shares four core habits that you need to have to finish your book, as well as
 the top mistakes she sees authors making while trying to self publish.

We also dive into how how can land your first TEDx talk, so stick around until the end!


Jyotsna is a bestselling author, book publisher, TEDx speaker, and is an international Author Success Coach who helps coaches, trainers, speakers, and experts to build a super-profitable author funnel with the help of their book.

She founded Author Success Academy to help aspiring authors finally finish their book, get it professionally published, market it into a bestseller, and use that position to grow their business. So far, Jyotsna has helped over 400 authors from 35 different countries through her global publishing agency, Happy Self Publishing.

While Jyotsna isn’t working, this mom of 2 kids also loves to dance, run, plan her next solo trip, and is a passionate advocate for educational rights.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • How an entrepreneur can choose the perfect book topic for their first book,
  • How this process can also help you identify your signature brand message, and
  • How writing a book can help you grow your audience and authority and help you to land your first TEDx talk.


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