Over Giving Vs Over Delivering

So many of the soul-guided entrepreneurs I work with are classic “over givers.”

They lower their prices to make people feel comfortable, they rearrange their schedule to appease their clients, they extend their call times to give extra.

And it all makes tons of sense. Know why?

Because over-giving is a major shadow of being in service.

You feel so called to serve others that you over give.

I know this shadow well. I used to majorly over give in my business, and over the past few years I’ve shifted from over giving to over delivering. And shifting into over delivering has given my business balance, which has made a massive difference in my ability to serve more powerfully.

In today’s episode, I’m going to explain the energetic balance of giving and receiving that’s so important to maintain.

We’ll explore what happens when you over-give and why it’s bad for business, how to recognize when you are over-giving, and how to shift into what we want to be doing instead so that your business growth can take off.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • What overdelivering is,
  • How it differs from overgiving,
  • How it can help your business growth to take-off.


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