The False Assumptions We Make About Our Business

We hear a lot about how limiting beliefs hold us back in life and business.

You know the thoughts: “You’re not good enough. Who are you to think so big? You’re an imposter.” 

Those thoughts have visited me loads of times on my entrepreneurial journey.

But did you know that there’s another type of limiting belief that is even trickier to identify and has the same effect of blocking our business growth?

They’re called: false assumptions.

False assumptions are a different kind of limiting belief. And we can hold false assumptions around our prices, around having a fancy website and professional photos, and around advertising, marketing, and growing our audience.

In this episode of She Grows, we explore the most common false assumptions I see in soul-guided entrepreneurs, how these false assumptions are different than painful thoughts, and how to release these assumptions and instead tap into your truth.

We dive into how to get guidance from your higher self to call in success and prosperity and how any decisions you base on false assumptions will eventually halt and thwart your growth.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • The difference between a false assumption and a limiting belief,
  • The common false assumptions you may be making about your business that will thwart your growth, and
  • How to release these assumptions and instead to tap into your truth.



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