Planning by the Planets 2021 with Tam Veilleux

Are you wondering what astrologists have to say about the energy of 2021 and how it will impact your life and business? 

Will it feel lighter than 2020? 

Is Coronovirus going away? 

Are there specific days/months I should watch out for?

Tam Veilleux, lead visionary of The Energy Almanac, is here with us today to share her wisdom and give us some guidance on what we expect astrologically in 2021.

Tam shares the 4 theme words from 2020 and reveals the words for 2021. 

She offers a mantra to guide you forward during the choice points of 2021 and explains what can we expect to find as the biggest opportunities for growth in 2021.

Tam also shares the biggest piece of feedback she received on The Energy Almanac in 2020 and gives us her top tips for using the energy Almanac in our everyday life.


Tam Veilleux, is the lead visionary of the Energy Almanac. Cosmic chocolate covered pretzel acting as a transformational coach by day, astrologer by night, follow her social media accounts (@energyalmac) for more visual chatter on the alchemy and strategy of creating change.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • The number one feedback Tam received about the energy Almanac 2020 (and this feedback may or may not surprise you),
  • What’s in store for the planet and for us as individuals in 2021,
  • And where we’ll have the biggest potential for growth.


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