Crazy Simple Messaging For Your Ideal Audience

“You need a tagline for your business,” they say. “It needs to be simple and catchy.”

But you hate small talk. You want to be creative and unique. You want your tagline to stand out from the rest of the online business world.

The problem is, when our taglines and messaging isn’t clean and simple, it’s difficult for ideal clients to understand how we can help them. And if they don’t understand how we can help them, they won’t buy from us.

I’m so excited to be diving into the topic of crazy simple messaging today because I’ve seen firsthand how it transformed my business and allowed my income to grow to six-figures and beyond.

In this episode of She Grows, I share my personal story of how I shifted my messaging and made it crazy simple so that my tagline speaks directly to my ideal clients.

We talk about why crazy simple messaging works and I offer a few suggestions for how you can begin creating your tagline or message. We also dive into how to funnel your potential clients into deeper, more complex content. I hope you enjoy this episode!

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • Why crazy simple taglines or messages work,
  • How to funnel your potential clients into deeper, more complex content, and
  • How to create a simple message that speaks directly to your ideal audience.



  • Download the free PDF guide on the 5 visibility blocks preventing your ideal clients from finding you HERE.