4 Habits to Adopting an Abundant Business Mindset

One of the biggest blocks I see in soul-guided entrepreneurs who are struggling to get more clients and make more money is their mindset. 

Most entrepreneurs I encounter believe in their offerings and abilities. But they’re operating their business from a lack mindset

And sadly, this lack mindset often comes from social conditioning. The conditioning tells us that there’s not enough to go around. This means there are not enough clients, ideas, or money for everyone.

And when you get stuck in this “not enough” mindset, it makes it really hard for your business to grow.

The good news is that this social conditioning is quite WRONG and can be turned around.

I’ve discovered and mastered 4 simple habits that can help you shift from a lack mindset to an abundance one, and I’m so excited to share them in this episode of She Grows.

Once you begin to integrate these habits into your life, they will help you grow your business with more ease. 

But this isn’t just about mindset. We dive into how your thoughts creates your emotions and how your emotions create your reality.

I share a visualization to help you release and remove any energy that is keeping you stuck in fear or lack, and I walk you through an exercise to dig into your micro thoughts so you can be sure to have a squeaky clean mindset. 

Finally, we explore how to plug into an audience of your ideal clients and serve them from a place of complete abundance so you can attract paying clients easier and easier.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • The four specific habits that will enable you to adopt an abundant business mindset.
  • Why an abundant mindset is necessary to call in your ideal clients with ease.
  • The secret to knowing when to offer your services up with abundance and when not to.


  • Download the free PDF guide on the 5 visibility blocks preventing your ideal clients from finding you HERE.