How to Ask Your Spirit Guides Questions and Receive Their Guidance

I hear it all the time: “Allyson, I think I’m getting messages from my spirit guides, but I’m not sure.”​​

The way to dissolve the doubt and upgrade your ability to call in clear, unquestionable guidance from your higher self and your Spirit Guides is to build a trust relationship

And in today’s episode of She Grows, I explain how to build that trust and take your ability to communicate with divine guidance to the next level.

We start off by exploring what your divine guidance system, and I share how to move from asking simple yes/no questions to more complicated, open-ended questions to your guides.

I explain why it’s so important to build trust with your guides, how to verify the answers they give you, and what to do when they give you unexpected or uncomfortable guidance.

I wrap up the episode with a personal story about how I surrendered to my guides when they gave me guidance that went against the plan I created for my business in 2020.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • How to ask your spirit guides questions.
  • How to go from simple questions to more complicated ones.
  • How to receive their guidance so it comes in clearly and unquestionably.


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