How to Make Over Social Media to Create Human Connection with Julie Ciardi

One of the biggest challenges my clients face when building an online business is using social media to reach their ideal client in a way that feels fun and authentic (and not salesy or spammy).

Most entrepreneurs know how important social media is to growing their audience, but struggle to use it in a way that actually builds human connection and increases their brand awareness. 

In this episode, Julie Ciardi, a former Fortune 500 marketing VP turned multi-passionate entrepreneur, shares some simple tips to make over your social media to create authentic human connection.

Julie offers a strategy to help you create content that really speaks to your ideal client, and she explains what you can do when you feel resistant to or overwhelmed by social media.

We also explore the 3 keys to leveraging your personal brand for authentic business building, and we dive into the importance of sharing your personal story with your audience.


Julie Ciardi is a former Fortune 500 marketing VP turned multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the podcast host of IGNITE Your Side Hustle.

Julie believes that there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream that is aligned to her passions and purpose on this planet.

She also believes that it is the wild wild west out there for these women; they are wasting so much time and money and not MAKING money. It is causing friction with their spouse, affecting their confidence, and robbing them of their dreams.

With this in mind, Julie is dedicated to helping women create profitable side hustles that give them joy, purpose and profit with proven, timeless business strategies in today’s online world.
Julie is the creator of IGNITE University – a one of a kind program to ignite purpose, passion and profit with proven methodologies in business as well as creating a mastermind space for like minded women.

Julie is mom to two teenagers and a kindergartner, and wife to a police officer.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • The number one misstep Julie sees entrepreneurs make when it comes to their social media.
  • How human connection can bring in ideal clients without spending any money on advertising.
  • How leveraging your personal brand can help you build an authentic business.



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