Your Money Avatar and Spiritual Laws of Money with Gull Khan

Most of my clients have this belief that keeps them stuck. They believe that because they’re spiritual, they cannot or should not desire money.

They have this unconscious programming that money is evil and that asking for money is greedy. They’re unknowingly perpetuating this negative relationship with money and pushing it away.

And as a result, their businesses suffer. They can’t get new clients, they can’t sell out programs, and they’re struggling to grow their side hustle into a full-blown successful business.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this conversation with Money Mindset Expert, Gull Khan with you today.

Gull is a Gull is a former Banking and Finance Lawyer turned Money Mindset Expert and Healer. In this episode, we explore the most common limiting belief most spiritual entrepreneurs have around money and how it keeps them stuck in their business.

Gull explains what a money avatar is and how you can create one and implement a daily practice to transform your relationship with money. We dive into the spiritual laws of money, and Gull shares what she tells people who are struggling with getting an alignment taking action and being in the flow versus overworking and burning out.


Gull Khan is an author, international speaker, podcaster, a Barrister, an Attorney, a Solicitor, an Intuitive Life Coach, an EFT expert, an Energy healer, a Money Mindset expert, and a Mother.

Gull is a former Banking and Finance Lawyer, who left her corporate job to pursue her passion and become a Money Mindset Expert and Healer. She helps Entrepreneurs break free from their limiting beliefs about money so that they can live a life of unlimited abundance. Gull lives with her two children, two cats in London and has two passions, money and Bollywood.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • The most common limiting belief about money.
  • What a money avatar is and how to create one.
  • A daily practice to use your money avatar to grow a prosperous business.

References & Resources:Website: www.gullkhan.com

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