How People Pleasing Blocks Business Growth

Do you find yourself going out of your way to please others (often at the expense of your own needs or desires)?

Do you struggle to set boundaries with your clients? They book an hour with you, but before you know it two hours have passed?

Do you take on the full workload for your family (cooking, cleaning, errands, kids) without asking for help?

I get it. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of people pleasing. We want to make others happy. It’s something we’ve been taught from a young age, and it’s a tricky pattern to break. But it’s crucial that we begin to set healthy boundaries, especially if we want to grow our businesses to the next level.

That’s why this week on She Grows, we’re talking about the 4 ways people pleasing can stunt the growth of your business.

I share my own personal experiences with people pleasing and how it impacted my business. We also talk about how to identify the patterns of people pleasing, why we often struggle with setting boundaries for ourselves, and I offer some practical suggestions to stop this pattern so your business can soar.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • The 4 ways people pleasing prevents your business from growing
  • How to stop the pattern of people pleasing
  • And what to do instead.

References & Resources:

  • Download the free PDF guide and worksheet on the five visibility blockers HERE.

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