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Clarify Your Message and Increase Your Sales with Dane Sanders

You want to keep growing your audience, but it feels like such a struggle. Maybe your message is not clear enough, it’s too complicated, or maybe it’s full of “insider speak,” and those who are new to your world don’t understand  the niche language.

Whatever the issue, Dane Sanders, CEO, teacher, writer, and consultant, is here today to share a simple framework that will clarify your message, grow your audience, and increase your sales.

In this episode of She Grows, Dane shares the most common mistake most entrepreneurs make in their marketing and sales copy and what you can do instead.

He gives us his #1 tip to help create a clear message that calls in your ideal audience, and he explains how clarifying your message will lead to a boost in sales. We explore the common debate between speaking directly to your niche or speaking broadly to everyone in your potential market.

This episode is full of gold nuggets to help your hone your message and grow your business. I hope you love it!


After studying business as an undergrad and philosophy in grad school, Dane Sanders taught leadership and character development at Westmont College. On the side, he began a photography business, shot professionally for about 12 years and authored two books for photographers looking to make a living when everyone already has a camera. Seth Godin called his writing, “a precious gift.” As the CEO of tellmeyourdreams.com, Dane now teaches, writes, consults and coaches on the business of creativity and narrative marketing. He lives with his wife and kids in Newport Beach, California and online at danesanders.com.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • The biggest culprit to a muddled message.
  • How you can find your message.
  • How to get crystal clear with the content you put out.

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