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The Research-Supported Way to Trust Your Intuition with Heather Alice Shea

As a soul-guided entrepreneur, you know your intuitive hits provide powerful guidance, but part of your logical brain would also like to see proof that your intuition is “real.”

You wish there was scientific evidence to support what you already know: intuition isn’t just a hopeful wish or a hypothesis.

Intuitive life trainer and business development mentor, Heather Alice Shea has done the research to provide that evidence and is here to share it with us today.

In this episode of She Grows, Heather busts the myths surrounding our intuition and explains how to use research-based intuition methodologies to integrate intuition in your life and business.

Heather shares the research findings that support the idea that intuition does, in fact, exist and is something we can all access. She explains that our neurological, linear brains like to analyze and make sense of things, but that’s only half of who we are.

We explore the research proving that our intuition is an organ within us and that there is a hardwired biological process for how we receive our intuitive hits and then process them in our body and mind. Heather shares advice for people who struggle to trust their intuitive voice and gives us daily practices to help build a deeper trust to our voice of intuition.


Heather is an Intuitive Life Trainer and Business Development Mentor who certifies emerging coaches into purposeful and prosperous coaching practices thatthrive. She is the founder and CEO of Atmana Coaching Academy, the world’s first research supported Intuitive Life Coach Certification and Business Development Company that formally integrates intuition into the coaching process. She is the creator of theAtmana Method,™ and the Intuitive Development Pathway,™ and the Intuitive Interpretation Matrix™ frameworks that concretize the intuitive process and provide practical instruction on using intuition for effective personal and professional growth.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • Heather’s amazing journey to learning to trust her intuition.
  • How the intuitive voice works.
  • Daily practices to help you build a deep trust to that voice.

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