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Using Shadow Magic to Create a Prosperous Coaching Business with Anna Tsui

How would your business be different if you were fully expressing yourself, if your shadow side wasn’t holding you back, and you weren’t playing small?

What if you were pushing your creative edge, had healed your inner wounds, and mastered your shadow so you could use it to grow your business?

It’s all possible, and business leadership coach, Anna Tsui, is here to show you how.

In this episode of the She Grows podcast, Anna explains how she defines shadow and shares with us her journey to using her shadow to fuel her business. She explains that if we are able to master and integrate our shadow, it can become a source of energy and power shifting us into a leader. We dive into how to use this concept in your marketing and in your work with clients.

In the second half of the episode, we explore the idea of creating from our edge and why we should do it. Anna shares how our shadow can guide us to this edge and how we can ease that discomfort telling us to stay away from our edge.

Guest Bio:

Anna Tsui is a business leadership coach, international writer, speaker and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of The Intuitive Business School a program that helps people identify and clear internal blocks to their success in life and business. Her first book, “Shadow Magic: Use Your Fear to Create a Prosperous Coaching Business” shows readers how to overcome their personal self-sabotage and build a thriving career and business.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • What our shadow is.
  • How to use our shadow to create from our edge.
  • How that will fuel your business.

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