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How to Set Your Brand Apart by Creating an Incredible Customer Experience with Calandra Martin

I remember the morning I woke up and decided I was going to be a serious coach and entrepreneur. No more playing it small, I decided. My business was no longer a side hustle or a hobby. I was going pro.

And one of my top priorities was to create a killer brand. And not just any brand – a brand that felt like a true representation of me, my personality, and the work I wanted to do in the world.

But the fears quickly kicked in. It was scary to open up and be vulnerable. And what was the true me I wanted to share anyway?

To tell us how to overcome these fears and create a brand that stands out, I chat with my personal branding expert, Calandra Martin.

Calandra explores the key components of a topnotch brand and the best place to start to create one. We also dive into the two types of fear and resistance that show up in branding and how we can move through it.

We explore how to look at the intention of your business and easily translate that into powerful branding, whether it’s in the online space or in person. Calandra defines what an incredible customer experience looks like and how you can create one in your business with a few simple tweaks each week to attract raving fans.

Calandra Martin is a branding expert, designer, and speaker who helps visionary entrepreneurs cultivate their unique personal brands. She teaches women how to ditch the cookie-cutter approach to growing a business so they can finally step into their unlimited potential. She is also a toddler mom, dog rescue worker, and coffee addict.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • The top components of a killer brand
  • The two types of fear and resistance that show up when building your brand (and how to move through it)
  • A few simples things you can do each week to create an incredible customer experience

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