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The Consciousness of Money with Sarah McCrum

Are you a soul-guided entrepreneur who feels like you shouldn’t be driven by money, yet you want to serve more people and be able to pay your rent? If you said yes, then add this episode to your podcast playlist.

I chat with expert coach Sarah McCrum about the consciousness of money. Sarah offers some revolutionary advice for spiritual entrepreneurs who have a complicated relationship to money and are worried about selling their products and services.

[Note: We recorded this episode weeks ago, and the information shared is particularly relevant for us as we navigate the rocky waters caused by Covid 19.]

Sarah shares her own journey to seeing that money indeed has consciousness and how that changed her life. We talk about what causes many people to have a complicated relationship with money, especially people who see themselves in service, and explore what’s going on when money isn’t flowing in with ease.

We wrap up the episode with practical tips and daily practices for the soul-guided entrepreneur who wants to shift their relationship with money and get it flowing in their business today.

Sarah McCrum is the author of the book, Love Money, Money Loves You, and she teaches business owners how to transform their relationship with money. She trained for 22 years with Chinese Energy Masters and has spent 20 years coaching business owners and leaders in Australia, UK, USA and beyond.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • The idea that when we change our relationship with money, we change our relationship with life.
  • How money is here to serve our creativity.
  • What to do when money isn’t flowing in with ease.

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