Ep #19: 4 Questions to Call Your Soul's Highest Visions Into Your Experience - Allyson Scammell

Ep #19: 4 Questions to Call Your Soul’s Highest Visions Into Your Experience


She Grows with Allyson Scammell


You know what it feels like to be “called.” It’s that exhilarating feeling of getting tapped on the shoulder for something bigger, higher, more expansive, more freeing, and more impactful than your current reality.

And here’s the thing about higher callings…They are scary. They’re scary because, well, they’re big. Higher callings involve risk, stepping up, and pushing your edges.

In today’s episode, we explore what to do when you get the calling for something bigger than your current reality. I share the 4 key questions to ask yourself in order to align to your highest goals, intentions, visions, or dreams. I also reveal how to best ask and answer each of the four questions. I explain what I mean by the word alignment and what to do when you’re out of alignment. I also offer a personal example of one of my own soul visions as I walk you through the process. Finally, I share the one thing we do that causes our soul to suffer and what we can do instead.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • How to align to your highest goals, intentions, visions, or dreams
  • What alignment actually is
  • What to do when you get the calling for something bigger than your current reality

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This Week’s Challenge: Think of a soul guided vision that absolutely means the world to you and ask the four questions.

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She Grows with Allyson Scammell

Ep #19: 4 Questions to Calling Your Soul’s Highest Visions Into Your Experience

Allyson: Well. Hello there. This is Allyson Scammell talking to you today about aligning your highest goals, intentions, visions, or dreams, and how you can get that alignment in four powerful questions. We’ll be exploring what I mean by alignment. I’ll reveal what the key questions are that put you into alignment and how to best ask and answer each question.

[00:00:36] I’ll end the episode on a challenge that will snap you into instant alignment, so be sure to stick around until the end. Welcome to, She Grows, a podcast for soul guided women entrepreneurs. Ready to grow their income, impact and inspiration. Each week we’re going to explore how to align to the soul of your business and grow it from there.

[00:01:03] I’m your host, Allison’s gamble. Let’s get growing.

[00:01:12] Hey there, She Grows Nation. That is the name of this sisterhood of soul guided entrepreneurs at She Grows Nation, our heart is CEO and we’re producing wealth inspired by our soul’s yearnings and in service to the planet. Today we’ll be talking about the T F A’s two alignment. That’s what I call them.

[00:01:34] There are four questions that I refer to as the TFAs T thoughts, F feelings, a actions, S States of being. So that gives you a taste of what is to come. But before we dive into all that, I want to spend a second on alignment. You probably hear me use this word a lot. I happen to like this word, but what is it?

[00:02:01] What does it mean? So we are energetic beings, and when we receive a vision for growth, I like these visions to come from my soul, my higher self, my heart, my intuition. That part of me that is always in highest service to my highest good. And so depending on how you are, how your heart speaks to you, whether you tend to see visions, hear messages, have a sense.

[00:02:32] Of something or just know something. Those are the primary ways your heart speaks to you. If you ask your soul for that guidance and direction, where is it my soul most wants me to grow to in six months, one year, five year, 10 year time, some point into the future beyond this current moment. Your heart will always respond to you.

[00:02:56] And I explore the topic of soul guided visioning in greater detail in episode 11 so I encourage you to check that out if you haven’t already. So your soul gives you a vision for growth, let’s say in one year’s time. So. The first question before we get to the TFAs that come to my mind always is now what?

[00:03:22] Now what do I do? And so that’s really what this episode is going to answer. You get the calling for something bigger or different than your current reality. What do you do next? Well, I’ll tell you what you do next. You align to it and you’re going to align energetically to it. And I’ll tell you what I mean by that.

[00:03:45] Think for a second of a goal or a dream or intention that means a lot to you, like a whole lot to you. For example, let’s say you want to write a book, so you’re going to want to imagine that the book is published. It’s in a year, it’s in two years, it’s in five years, and the book is published, and it is selling like hotcakes, and not only is it selling and it’s on best-sellers lists all over the place.

[00:04:10] People are coming up to you right and left and saying, Oh my gosh, your book changed me. It changed my life. You changed my life. Think for a second, and getting as superlative as possible. Like how could this vision just be the best, most exciting, thrilling, wonderful vision? It could be. Think for a second specifically how that would feel.

[00:04:30] It would probably be some form of connecting, exhilarating, joyous, loving, uh, in service or, um, contribution. Uh, creative. Those are high vibrational emotions. Those put us in a very high vibrating frequency. So if that is what you’re going to experience in your vision, you want to think of ways of how to get yourself, align yourself

[00:05:02] To that frequency as much as you can today, and you can’t just unfortunately snap your fingers and get there completely. You need to see it as a shifting, a continual shifting into alignment to that vision until you get to the point where you’re just experiencing that vibration today, whether or not that vision of a published book selling off the shelf.

[00:05:29] Is brought into your experience or not. So how do you do that? How do you shift into that alignment? We’ll start with the four questions, the four TFAs, and here is how it works. So get that vision in your mind’s eye goal, dream intention, that thing. That means a lot to you. You want to go to your higher, higher visions, not just the like, Oh, well I don’t really care that much, but I wouldn’t mind.

[00:05:57] X happen. I want you to go to that thing that it means so much to you that a piece of your soul would wither away and die if you don’t at least pursue it, at least give it a shot. That thing that’s calling your name, saying, I want to come into your experience. Pursue me, pursue me. I often give my example of wanting to create a world class retreat center on the family farm where I grew up in the prairies of sleepy hollow USA in South Dakota.

[00:06:33] And as part of that, I want to own a herd of Buffalo and launched the global phenomenon of Buffalo meditations that I call the Buffalom. And that’s a pretty big vision. It means a lot to me, and indeed a piece of me would wither away and die if I wasn’t at least pursuing it. So hold that vision in your heart as you ask the four TFAs. Question

[00:07:02] Number one T. What are my thoughts on this vision? What are my thoughts about this dream goal? Intention? Are they clean as in? Of course I can do this. I am worthy of this. I am capable. People want this. This is awesome. I’m amazing. Are they supportive? Are they all loving or are they some form of, I don’t deserve this.

[00:07:32] I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy enough. The logistics are too difficult. It’s too big. I’m too much for thinking that I could do this or some other variation of self-defeating thought. If you receive a self-defeating thought, that is your homework. To start clearing that up and questioning it. Do the work by Byron Katie and just simply ask the question, is it true.

[00:07:59] Is it true that I’m not good enough to pursue this goal? Can I really know that it’s true that I’m not good enough? And the other tools that I use are EFT, emotional freedom techniques, or an exercise that I developed called feel the feels and how feel the fields works is you just think of the thought.

[00:08:19] So going to my Buffalo example, if there’s a thought, you know, I’ve done a lot of work. About my thoughts regarding this vision. So I would say my thoughts are pretty clean. I like to use the example of the dirty bathroom. When you think about your thoughts and bring up your thoughts about a goal, are they clean.

[00:08:41] Or are they dirty? So is the bathroom of filthy mass like mold and gunk and hair in the drain and toothpaste all over the sink and smeared mirror like gross or is it, you know, relatively clean? No toilets clean? Probably wouldn’t take a bath in it, but you would take a shower. Uh, you know, the floor needs some mop, bang or.

[00:09:08] Is it squeaky clean? Like I could eat my dinner off the floor of this bathroom. That’s what you’re going for. Squeaky clean. So when I check into my thoughts around my vision, it’s somewhere in the middle. Definitely I would say on the cleaner side, because I’ve done the work. I’ve asked the question again and again and again.

[00:09:30] Which is part of the process of the TFAs is it’s not a one and done. Sadly. It’s something that you have to check in on over and over. And so when I check in on it now, the thoughts I get are, are not like I’m not good enough to do this, or I’m not the authority, or people won’t be interested. I get thoughts more in the lines of it’s going to be a lot of work and I don’t have the expertise to raise Buffalo, and it will be difficult to find the right help to help me with the Buffalo.

[00:10:03] So it gets away from sort of an inner, like I’m not good enough into more of like the logistical, the energetics of it. And so I will take that thought. It’s going to be too much work and ask, what emotions does it trigger? It triggers feelings of defeat, lack, doubt, sadness, fear. And those are not the feelings,

[00:10:26] That’s not the energetic frequency that aligns to my vision at all. That is my friends out of alignment, so I’m going to engage in one of my three tools to help me dissolve that thought. And I will be doing a future episode all about thought dissolving. So stay tuned for that. Moving on to question number two, feelings.

[00:10:53] What are my feelings about my vision? And before you answer that question, you want to check in to your vision and ask, what are my core feeling States in the vision when I’ve realized the gold dream or intention? What. Am I feeling? And when I think about a thriving internationally renowned retreat center with Buffalo and all the things that I want to do, I feel completely exhilarated.

[00:11:23] I feel expansive, free, love, joy, connection, creativity, primary feeling States. That that guide so many of us, but each one of us are driven by core value feeling States. They mean my core valued feeling States may mean more to me than the average person. Just like yours mean more to you. Some people are driven by feelings of calm.

[00:11:51] Some people are driven by feelings of exhilaration, so it’s a worthwhile investment in time to get to know what are your core valued feeling States because they drive everything you do. Everything you do is driven by emotions seeking to feel a certain way or seeking to avoid feeling a certain way. So once you get a clear picture of those feeling States in your vision, the question becomes, what are my feeling States today?

[00:12:19] If you are feeling lack, defeated, fearful, sad, depressed, that is likely out of alignment. Those feelings aren’t bad. Those feelings aren’t something to be ashamed of. They are a healthy, normal part of the human experience. They are contrast to love, joy, harmony. They are part. That’s the whole expression of who we are.

[00:12:43] And if you want to shift into alignment to your vision, you want to think about the feeling States. That are in the vision. And do things, engage in activities today that allow you to immerse yourself in those feeling States. So the first feeling state for me that came to mind was exhilaration, which I kind of wasn’t expecting to be honest.

[00:13:08] Uh, and it felt really good. So I’m trying to think. Now I’m asking the question, what is something that I could do in my life today that’s easily accessible? I don’t have to fly to Katmandu. I can do it in my current environment. That would trigger that feeling of exhilaration and I want to see what comes back to me.

[00:13:29] So I’m getting a vision of taking my daughter to like a really fun water park and we’re running around and splashing and there’s like this climbing wall and she and I are just having a ball together and it was a super fantastic vision. So that is my homework, which is pretty good homework. To find a cool place of cool, and it’s, it’s the weather’s cooler these days, so probably some sort of indoor water park, like I want to find something that I can bring into my experience today.

[00:14:00] I don’t want to wait until summer, so I’m going to be searching indoor water parks near me and I’ll be taking my daughter there this weekend. Why wait. I don’t have other plans. Let’s do it. Let’s get to it right now. I don’t want to prolong it. I don’t want to kick the can and say, well, when I get around to it, I’ll feel exhilarated.

[00:14:19] I want to feel exhilarated right now and that by doing that, by doing that fun activity with my daughter, that has nothing to do with Buffalo. It’s putting me into alignment to my Buffalo vision. Isn’t that cool? I love this stuff. And if you are feeling strong, thoughts of lack, defeat, fear, and they’re staying with you, you want to go back to, all right, I’m feeling this feeling of say defeat.

[00:14:45] What is the thought? What is the thought that’s triggering the defeat? And once you identify the thought, you know. I’m not worthy enough to receive this goal. It’s usually some variation of that, um, you know, or at some self-defeating thought about the logistics of never being able to make it happen.

[00:15:04] Whatever you want to go back to that and dissolve it. Play around with thought dissolving tools that are out there until you find one that really works for you. All right. Back to the TFAs. We are on a. Action, but it’s really not action. It’s question number three. What is the inspired, inspired, inspired action that is calling you saying, do me do me.

[00:15:33] Is not action busy work being busy for busy sake. We are in a, a real, um, action oriented doing society where most of us spend, myself included, spend too much time doing. So this is where we’re really looking for that inspired action. And it comes from your heart chakra. It comes from your heart space, like a feeling like a feeling of love, feeling of joy, and it’s calling your name and it’s saying, please do this.

[00:16:05] And maybe it’s something that’s simple, like call that person on the phone and that’s great. Or maybe it’s like saying, put yourself out there. In a way that’s going to feel really uncomfortable. And it’s often the latter. Let me tell you. Inspired action often calls on us to feel a little uncomfortable.

[00:16:29] It calls on us to push the edges of our comfort zone. So the thing about inspired action is if we don’t take it, one, our soul suffers, and two, we can’t bring our visions into our reality without the inspired action. All visions of growth requires some sort of inspired action for it to arrive into our experience.

[00:16:53] So these are actions we have to take to bring in the vision. And these are actions our soul is calling us to take. So if we do it, and if we confront the feelings of discomfort and flow through the feelings of discomfort and confront the fears and get to the other side of it. It will feel some form of freeing, expansive, and even exhilarating.

[00:17:22] You will get a reward. For raising your hand and saying, I’m going to do this. So allow me to check in about my Buffalo vision. Is there any inspired action that is calling my name now? So it’s coming up again in June. June, 2020 are the retreats and there are a few slots available. So I am getting called to reach out to people who have expressed interest to ask if they want to have a chat about it, to chat about their interest in the retreat to see if 2020 is a good year for them to attend.

[00:18:05] And so allow this to be an invitation to you. If you have any interest in the retreats, there’ll be links in the show notes. There are two in June, and if your soul is calling you to learn more, then you’ll also find a link in the show notes and on the retreat pages to sign up for a free 20 minute consultation.

[00:18:31] And we can chat about whether or not. This Buffalo retreat is the right decision for you in 2020 or beyond. Moving on to the S of our TFAs the fourth question, which is a question I think we often neglect to ask, and that is what is my state of being? So we just explored what you’re doing now we’re exploring your being.

[00:19:03] How are you showing up? When you look in your vision, what version of yourself do you see? What is your state of being in the vision. For most people when they get a soul guided vision that’s bigger than their current experience, they seem some form of confidence, authority, grounded, calm, peaceful, and energy of, you’ve got this, or, or I am where it’s at right now.

[00:19:39] And when you check into today’s reality. What is your state of being? Are you confident? Are you calm and grounded? Whatever you see in the vision, how does that compare to how you’re showing up today? So when I peek into my vision of the Buffalo retreat. I see someone who’s just having fun, very confident, very assured in her expertise and the transformation she’s offering others.

[00:20:14] And I’m having a lot of fun and a lot of connection to soul sisters from around the world. So as I compare that to my state of being today, I would say it’s pretty, pretty good. You know, Pat myself on the old back. However, that fun factor jumped out in my mind right away. So I think I could be having more fun.

[00:20:37] A lot more fun actually today and carving out more time consciously for fun. And when I think about the inspired action that called my name of going to the water park with my daughter, that is also going to trigger a lot of energy, of fun, of that joyous, childlike play. And wow. I’m just like in this moment, recording this, having this like full circle moment here.

[00:21:07] Ooh, it’s all coming together. I am now in the midst of running my soul plan 2020, my signature soul guided planning workshop, which is going absolutely guns a blazing. People are just coming back and sharing all these incredible stories of transformation. And one of the workshoppers was talking about a vision she received of her inner wild child.

[00:21:33] And when she described her inner wild child, I felt tears welling up in my eyes because I realized that my inner wild child has been really cut off and she’s been subdued. And I’ve stuffed her down inside of me in a way that just doesn’t feel good anymore. And so I want to bring that, I want to tap into that inner wild child and with her engage in that energy of play and have fun because I see my state of being in my vision being one of play.

[00:22:15] Joyful, childlike play. So what can I do today to awaken that joyful inner wild child, playful energy? And in doing so, you know what I’m doing. I think, you know, I am aligning again, another shift of alignment and maybe for some of your visions. You have to make a thousand shifts to align. For some of them, you might have to make 100,000 but every tiny little shift hits that vision closer and closer to your experience.

[00:23:00] And when that happens, when you walk into  in your third dimensional reality, in your experience, you, you experience. A soul guided vision that may be you received one year, five years, 10 years ago, and you bring it into your reality. It is almost always more magical and awe inspiring and amazing than anything that you perceived possible or imagined when the vision arrived.

[00:23:33] And it truly is one of the sweetest joys of the human experience. So it makes carving out a little bit of time each day to ask these four questions and then do the work. Do the follow up. It makes it so worth it. And my challenge for you today is this quite simple. Think of a soul guided vision that absolutely means the world to you.

[00:24:07] And ask the four questions, what are my thoughts? What are my feelings? What inspired action is calling me? What is my state of being? And do the work. Follow up on the inspired actions. Make this shifts today to make that one shift even just one shift into alignment, into greater alignment. Of that higher vision.

[00:24:39] If you are feeling connected to me and these words and teachings and this energy, I invite you from my heart to hit subscribe wherever it is you listen, and to leave a rating and review of how this podcast serves you. And this is really how She Grows, can grow and be experienced by more and more soul led women.

[00:25:03] And if you’d like some assistance of getting a clearer soul guided vision for growth that’s in highest service to your highest good, then hop on over to my website, AllysonScammell.com and you can download three free soul guided meditations to help you receive that vision for growth and where to place your focus today to shift into alignment to that vision.

[00:25:29] Also using these four T F A’s. I want to thank you one last time for listening, and until next time, let’s grow there together.