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The Sacred Art of Receiving with Patty Lennon

Last year I had a huge realization: My ability to receive many of the things I most wanted to receive into my life was blocked.

The reason why is because there were parts of myself that I was rejecting and this denial was affecting my ability to receive everything from greater abundance to more nurturing self-care to deeper connections.

The person I have to thank for this mind blowing realization is Patty Lennon. And I knew I had to have her back on the podcast to explore this fascinating topic – the sacred art of receiving.

Patty Lennon is a mentor of mine. She’s an intuitive business coach with a unique approach to building success and wealth that blends traditional mainstream approaches with meditation, mindfulness, and energy work.

In this episode, Patty shares how the death of her father shifted her businesses and allowed her to have an $82,000 launch while in complete receiving mode.

Patty also shares daily practices for entrepreneurs to start receiving in their business today. Plus, we dig into the three wounds that show up in the sales process and what you can do to move through each one.

Patty is a keynote speaker and best selling author that believes our businesses are not only a way to make money and contribute to our fellow humans but also a conduit for our soul’s evolution. She founded The Receiving School to help fellow light workers open up to the love, money and support the Universe is regularly sending each of us. You can hear Patty on her weekly podcast “Wealth & Purpose.”

In today’s episode we explore:

  • What the sacred art of receiving is and how it’s connected to the work of manifestation
  • How resisting parts of yourself also resists love and money and growth
  • The three biggest wounds that show up or entrepreneurs in the sales process and what to do for each one

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