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Feminine Sensuality as a Superpower for Soul-Guided Entrepreneurs with Lindsey Curtis

This week I had the honor and joy of sitting down with Lindsey Curtis and exploring the idea of feminine sensuality and embodiment as it affects the soul guided entrepreneur. Lindsey explains how sensuality differs from sexuality and what our specific superpower is as women in business.

Lindsey is a transformational guide, dream therapist, and feminine embodiment mentor. She shares her journey and how she came to identify with each of those titles. In our conversation, she defines embodiment and sensuality for us, and we explore the idea that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. We wrap up the episode with practical tips and daily practices to create and serve from an overflowing cup.

Lindsey lives immersed in the mystical experiences of ancient dreaming wisdom & the embodiment of orgasmic bliss one breath at a time. She specializes in supporting women in embodying greater richness & vitality in their emotional & sexual lives. Passionate about diving into the depths of existence, Lindsey is here to remind us how to transform darkness into light with intention & grace.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • Feminine sensuality and embodiment as a superpower for soul-guided entrepreneurs.
  • The importance of valuing rest as much as action.
  • Tips and daily practices to set yourself up to create and serve from an overflowing cup.

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