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Releasing Trauma, Dysfunction, and Negative Energy From Your Life + Business with Catherine Ann Wilson

I sat down with Catherine Ann Wilson this week to explore how someone with a background filled with trauma and abuse can transform their life and go on to make a six figure income as a national sales person.

Catherine shares how her zone of genius is moving past trauma and letting resentments go. She explains how she was able to overcome homelessness, sex trafficking, rape, and other life-altering experiences, and begin her healing journey. Catherine shares which healing modalities worked best for her and what tends to slow down the healing process. Catherine and I explore how to overcome the “I don’t know how” block that keeps us stuck in business, and we wrap up the episode with a simple exercise to release trauma and shift it to love and connection.

Catherine Ann Wilson was a run away from 12 to 17 years old. She was lured into sex trafficking at 15 and escaped at 17. She spent decades in what she calls “surviving this surviving” or her healing journey. Never having gone to high school, Catherine took numerous courses and eventually worked her way to a national sales position where she earned a six figure income. She’s now the founder of Stop Trafficking US, whose vision is a world where every child is free from abuse. Catherine was recently invited to be on the presidents Survivor Council on Human Trafficking.

In today’s episode we explore how:

  • Someone from any background can become a six-figure national sales person
  • To overcome the “I don’t know how” block that keeps us stuck in life and our business
  • To release trauma and shift it to love and connection

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