She Grows with Allyson Scammell


Receiving Soul-Guided Visions for Growth Bigger Than Your Brain Perceives as Possible

In today’s episode, we travel beyond the realms of what your brain perceives as possible to the soul-guided visions for BIG GROWTH in your life and business.

I reveal my core gift of “bold ability” and what that means. We then explore how to receive and clarify your highest visions, how to release the resistance from your brain that is rejecting the vision, and how to determine your focus for today so you can shift into alignment to your vision.

I share step-by-step how to get quiet so you can hear the whisper of your heart’s intuition and how to find your focus for today. I also share some personal stories of my own highest visions coming to life and offer my best tips and tricks on how you can experience the same.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • How to receive and clarify your highest visions.
  • How to release resistance that is rejecting the vision.
  • How to determine your focus for today to shift you into alignment with the vision.

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