The Uncorked Conversation


Play in the Magic, Stay in the Real

Do you have a vision for your life and business that is different than your current reality? In today’s episode, we explore how to make your visions (even the blurry ones) a reality by playing in the magic and staying in the real. I speak to master coach Jennifer Voss about what it means to get clarity of vision and how to shift into alignment to that vision.

We also explore the magical world of equus coaching, and I share the story of how my 15 minutes in the ring with Jennifer (aka JVo) gave me clarify of vision for how I wanted to show up as a coach.

“Play in the Magic, Stay in the Real” is the new adventure Jennifer Voss is on these days.  Exiting the corporate world over 10 years ago to create her own coaching and consulting business, she loves helping people navigate big changes in their work and lives. Her methods are grounded in solid business practices and enhanced by a blend of practical magic. 

In today’s episode we explore:

  • How to create a vision for your life
  • Overcoming doubt and frustration when the vision feels too far away from your current circumstances, and
  • The world of equus coaching and how horses can help us gain evidence on our visions

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