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Creating From Your Edge

Creating from your edge has many layers. On the one hand, it’s traveling to the outer edges of your comfort zone and creating from that space – pushing your outer limits. But it’s deeper than that. It’s also traveling to the outer edges of the collective consciousness to create whole new designs, ideas, solutions, and ways of doing things.

In today’s episode, we explore exactly what it means to create from your edge. We explore how to identify your natural tendencies: Do you like to play it safe, or do you prefer to dangle on the brink? And in that, I offer a balanced formula for when to share and when not to share your edge with your target audience.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • What it means to create from your edge and how you benefit
  • When to share it and when to reign it in, and
  • How to create from your edge

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The Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell

Ep #35: Creating From Your Edge

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Allyson Scammell: You are listening to the uncorked conversation podcast with Allyson Scammell.

Episode number 35.

Allyson: Hello and welcome to the Uncorked Conversation, a podcast for soul-guided, passion-filled women entrepreneurs who want to uncork big magic in life and business without burning out. We’ll get to the truth of how to uncork our core gifts, the ones we keep hidden inside and how to infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like magic. We’ll also uncover how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management and planning. I’m your host, Allyson Scammell. Let’s uncork.

Good day to you, Shantipax nation. I hope you are well and thriving. This topic is a continuation of episode number 33, which was about creating content for your ideal audience that sings. This is a very thrilling and exciting topic that I really, I personally find thrilling to speak about and that is creating from your edge. So we’re going to devote this episode to a chat about what it means and how you benefit from creating from your edge, when to do it, and when to reign it in, and how to create from your edge.

So let’s just jump right in. So what does it mean to create from your edge? It has many layers. On the one hand, it means traveling to the outer edges of your comfort zone and creating from that space, pushing your outer edges. So it will feel uncomfortable because you’re pushing your outer edges, but you’re not over the edge into stress, and you’re not too far in playing it safe. You’re in that sweet spot of creating a bigger comfort zone. And you benefit so much from having a bigger comfort zone because you can maneuver in and out of that comfort zone so much more confidently, and there’s so much more space and there’s less resistance because you are continually pushing those edges.

And what you often find on the edges is your resistance. So that’s the limiting beliefs. “I’m not an authority. People won’t want to listen to me. People won’t want to hire me. People won’t want to buy my products.” And so it’s releasing that resistance and dissolving those thoughts or those belief systems so you can flow through that resistance to the other side and continually push outwards with greater ease and greater confidence.

And the process itself is always going to feel a little bit uncomfortable because you’re pushing yourself. But there’s reward, and your reward is when you get to the other side of the resistance and you actually create a larger comfort zone, it is extremely thrilling and extremely rewarding and it produces tangible, serious results for you and your business. But creating from your edge is deeper than all that. It’s also traveling to the outer edges of the collective consciousness to create whole new designs, ideas, and ways of doing things. And that is a very thrilling and exciting proposition that lights up most of the soul-guided entrepreneurs that I know.

So let’s talk about when to create from your edge and when to reign it in. Because I’ve experienced that there is a time to reign it in. So here’s the thing about creating from your edge. It is going to be very exciting for your ideal audience to witness you doing that. They are wired to want to receive from you if they are your ideal audience, and if they see you putting yourself out there, pushing your edges, being uncomfortable, and then slaying it and getting to the other side of that discomfort as a stronger, more evolved, more powerful you, that is going to thrill them, that is going to light them up and you are going to be an absolutely incredible example to them for what is possible.

So you basically want to push yourself, and you want to create from your edge essentially whenever you get called to do so. So if that voice of your soul is saying, “Let’s take this to the next level, let’s push the edges, let’s ratchet this up.” Then that is your invitation to heed that call and to travel to that outer space and to notice, because the resistance lives out there for everyone, and just expect the resistance, that fear, that hesitation, that second guessing, that doubt, that’s going to say, “No, no, no, honey. Don’t come out here to this outer space. Stay in the inner core where it’s safe and cozy and where you’re used to being.”

So you can just go ahead and expect that. Greet it, greet that resistance on the outer edges and then start to question the thoughts. Start to feel the feels, feel the fear, feel the doubt, feel the second guessing, feel the lack. There’s a lot of lack out there on your outer edges of not being enough. It’s not enough. And then when you feel it, you can release it.

You can release it or turn to your heart space where you are most grounded, centered and powerful and create from your edge, from that edge, pushing the edges. Not going over the edge in distress, not talking about going over at the edge, I’m talking about that sweet spot. You’re pushing yourself, your abilities. You’re seeing bigger things than you believed to be possible a week ago, or a year ago, or 10 years ago, and you’re going to that next level.

So when should you do it? Whenever you feel called to do it. But here’s the deal. There are times to reign it in and it’s good to start with this question. What are your tendencies? Are you a person who tends to play it safe and want to stay inside the comfort zone? Or are you a person who tends to like to hang out at your outer edges and always pushing, pushing, pushing? Or are you that person who does a combination of both? I’m going to make the case right now to honor your natural tendency and always be open to the possibilities of how you can be the person who creates from both places.

And what I mean by that is creating from that place that is tried and true. You are inside of your comfort zone, but you’re also steeped in knowing about whatever product or service you’re selling and that you’re squarely in your confidence that you know what you’re talking about, what you’re writing about, what you’re creating works. You have a body of evidence, you are speaking from a place of confident authority. So it’s not just speaking inside of your comfort zone, but speaking from a place that’s not necessarily on your outer edges but from a tried and true place. It’s not experimental. You’ve been there, you’ve done that, and you can speak about tried and true things in new ways.

Like if you’re going to speak about something you know about like an old pair of blue jeans, but you’re going to do it on a YouTube video for the first time, that’s still going to push your edges. But the content itself is tried and true, and you are speaking about it with clear confidence and authority. And that’s important to establish your credibility, to establish your authority over the product or service that you offer. And let me clarify something important here. There’s creating from your edge, which I recommend you do whenever you get the call, to take things to the next level, to push on your edges and to take a risk and do something bold. And then there’s sharing that with your audience. And those are two different things.

So what I’m saying here is always heed the call when you get it to take things to the next level. And if you’re feeling the resistance and unable to heed the call, then it’s an invitation to question the resistance and what’s happening there. And then when you get to sharing this creation, whether it be through marketing content or a product or service, I recommend sharing it in a combination of both. Sharing content that is tried and true that you feel is like an old pair of blue jeans to you and sharing the content that is created from your edge. So your ideal audience is getting both sides of you, you as the expert and you as the experimenter and you can decide how much you want to share of each with relation to your natural tendencies and what feels thrilling to you.

So let me explain to you how this shows up in my life. So I have a tendency to always want to go to my edge. That is where I’ll always … Whenever I sit down to the creative table, I will be like, “Ooh, what’s the latest, most thrilling, most experimental thing I’m working on now?” And I love sharing that. In fact, I think all of my content would be about that. But then if that’s all I ever shared was that information from my edge, I would be missing so much. I would be missing that tried and true. The stuff that I’ve been implementing day in and day out and helping clients with day in and day out that I know works, that I know can produce results in your life.

And not sharing my tried and true really, really misses something for me as a coach. It misses the complete picture of who I am. So I have to make a conscious effort to ask myself this question, and this is how I do it. So if you are a person like me who always likes to be out there at the outer rims, here is something you can try. What was I struggling with five years ago that I no longer struggle with as it relates to the product or service that I offer? Or 10 years ago, or last year, or however long back you want to go. So something that you used to struggle with, your product or service solved that or provided relief or entertainment or aesthetics or whatever it is, and now I comfortably, or you comfortably no longer struggle with that thing.

And that’s a great way to get into your tried and true and create content around that. And if you are someone who always likes to be in that tried and true space, and you don’t like to tip your toe into your outer edges, then keep listening because the last thing I want to talk about is how to create from your edge. So many different ways to do it. But if you’re not sure, I’m going to offer you four questions you can ask that will help you get to your edge. And the first one’s a big one, and I think this is just like a golden question to ask. This is just a golden question to ask even like once a week. To ask it honestly and receive the answer honestly and see how you can really implement the answer in your life and your business. And that is, “If fear wasn’t holding me back, what is one thing I’d create today?”

So let me turn that around. If fear wasn’t holding you back, what is one thing you’d create today? And that fear is out there on your outer edges, preventing you, blocking you in inside your comfort zone saying, “Don’t come out here to the edge. Stay in there.” So if you could remove that fear, or feel that fear and flow through that fear to the other side, what would you create from the other side? What would that look like? Isn’t that so exciting? This thrills me. Absolutely thrills me.

Okay, the second question is what is the space that feels the newest and most thrilling to you today? So if you’ve been in business a week or for 15 years, what feels thrilling today isn’t likely what felt thrilling two years ago. So what is the latest, newest thing that you’re curious about or experimenting with? And I’ll give you an example. I’m playing around with making time stop. So going beyond linear time to the place of no time and creating from there. And it’s a very high vibrational place, and with the concept of no time, then you can create an infinite amount of anything, whatever it is you’re trying to create. And coming back into clock time or linear time is a very small amount of time, but when you go into that space of no time in the fifth dimension and beyond, you’re in the infinite expansive space of now where all as possible.

And so how you can play with both linear time and no time for your business to create more, and more powerfully, on less linear time. That is something that is thrilling to me right now. But getting back to when you should share about creating from your edge and when you should not, I’ve actually tried to do a podcast episode, I recorded an entire podcast episode about it and listened to it and realized it that I wasn’t explaining it well. I understand it intuitively, but I am not putting it into words well. It is something that is hard to explain, making time stop. And I saw a Facebook Live with Martha Beck, which I’ll include in the show notes if you’re interested. And she talks about how to make time stop and she even struggles to explain it rationally for the rational brain to understand.

So that is something that is new and thrilling to me, but I am still reigning it in and I haven’t created content on it yet that I’ve shared because if it’s a muddled for me, it’s going to be extremely muddled for you. So that’s the thing about creating from your edge and being experimental. It’s great to do it, but just make sure that when you go to share it with your audience, you can do it in a way that they can understand it. So again, this is me not reigning in the creating from my edge. I’m still experimenting and playing with how to make time stop. But I’m reigning in the sharing of that experimentation because it’s just not ready yet for primetime. So stay tuned for the future episode that I will release on this podcast about how to make time stop. How exciting.

Okay, back to how to create from your edge. So a third question to ask yourself is what has been a recent aha moment? And sometimes aha moments can be on your edge, sometimes they’re not. But aha moments I think are exciting for people to hear about. And very often an aha moment is when you understand advice that you’ve been hearing for years and it really clicks in. Like something has happened to you that you’ve all of a sudden something that you’ve understood rationally really makes sense. And that new realization or that new aha is often on your edge. And that’s a very thrilling thing for your ideal audience to hear about and to learn about.

And then lastly, how can you share something about yourself that’s deeper or rawer? How can you peel back the layers of the onion that we have around ourselves, protecting ourselves from our fear of how other people perceive us, to shift into something more authentic and something truer? And how can you share that? And sharing that will take you to your edge. And if you share in a way that’s in service to your ideal audience or that is an example of what is possible, that will thrill your ideal audience.

So to recap, creating from your edge is when you go and travel to the outer edge of your comfort zone, the outer edge of the collective consciousness to create something new in your life or something new for everyone. And vis-a-vis, sharing it with your ideal audience, you want to have a nice combination of honoring your tendencies, your natural tendencies, and sharing a combination of information that is tried and true and at your edge, and always be experimenting around and playing around with providing your ideal audience with a combination of both. You get to your edge by asking questions such as, “If fear wasn’t holding me back, what is one thing I’d create today?” What is the most newest and thrilling thing that’s happening in your life as it relates to your business? What’s a recent aha moment and how can you share something deeper or truer about yourself?

So I challenge you to understand what your tendency is, recognize it, and I challenge you to start creating your content that is an exciting combination of both, creating from your edge and the tried and true, and seeing what combination is most thrilling for your ideal audience. And most importantly, what combination is most thrilling and in alignment for you and feels best for you. And if you’ve been in your comfort zone for some time, I really do challenge you to go to that outer edge. Go out there, tip your toe. It doesn’t have to be big action. It shouldn’t be big action. It’s small action. What is one small thing you can do to tip your toe into your outer edges and push the edge of your comfort zone to go out there and create from your edge and share that with your audience?

If you’re someone like me who’s always out there, do you need to come in? Do you need to come in and share some information that is tried and true? It is not experimental, it’s not on your edge. It’s something that feels like an old pair of blue jeans. Would that be in service to you and your audience? And if you are enjoying this content, benefiting from it, I would be so grateful if you went over to iTunes or Podbean, or wherever it is you listen, subscribed, give it a review. You can give it five stars if you don’t mind and then just give a review of something nice that you received from it.

And also on social media, I would be grateful if you gave it some shares and some love. That is really how more people find this podcast and it’s how we grow organically. I’m so grateful for you. I’m so, so grateful for you to show up and hear this content and connect with me in this way. And until next time, stay uncorked.

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