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Using Card Decks to Live with Greater Intention

From meditation to oracle to tarot, card decks are everywhere right now. The reason they are only growing in popularity is because they are a beautiful way to cultivate mindfulness and live our lives on purpose.

With so many choices, it can be hard to know which cards are best for you or where to start. In this episode, I ask the creator of the May You Know Joy card deck Adrienne Enns about how to choose the right deck and use cards as part of our daily spiritual practice.

Adrienne Enns is Chief Joy Curator at her company, May You Know Joy. Adrienne inspires and empowers people to live intentionally and create their lives on purpose everyday. She offers workshops, coaching and has created a product line including the intention cards we’ll be discussing today.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • What oracle or intention cards are
  • Various ways to use cards in your daily spiritual practice
  • How to use cards to live a life of greater intention in life and business

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References & Resources:

  • Learn more about Adrienne at: www.mayyouknowjoy.com

  • Purchase the May You Know Joy card deck HERE and receive a 15% discount with promo code: joy15

  • Click HERE to join me in the Uncorked Cabal


The Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell

Ep #31:

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Allyson Scammell: You are listening to the uncorked conversation podcast with Allyson Scammell.

Episode number 31.

Hello and welcome to the Uncorked Conversation, a podcast for soul-guided, passion-filled women entrepreneurs who wants to UNCORK BIG MAGIC in life and business without burning out. We’ll get to the truth of how to uncork our core gifts, the ones we keep hiding inside, and how to infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like magic. We’ll also uncover how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management and planning. I’m your host Allyson Scammell, let’s uncork.

Good day to you, Shanti Pax nation. I’ve noticed that the various card decks that are out there and there are many, so intention cards, meditation cards, yoga cards, tarot cards, purpose cards, whatever kind of cards you can think of, and they are out there to help guide us, help us tune into something, resonate with something, offer us some sort of gift of clarity. All cards have slightly different angles, but I think they’re all in the general category of helping us tune in to our inner wisdom, listen to our heart, and get some divine guidance as to what would be a good way for us to focus our energy or any little nugget of wisdom or clarity that is in service to us and our spiritual growth.

I thought it would be really fun to devote a podcast episode on the topic of intention cards, Oracle cards, and to explore various ways we can use them in our lives and in our spiritual practices and even to use them to help us get guidance and clarity with regards to our business. When I had this idea, I knew immediately that I needed to call up my dear friend Adrienne Enns to interview and for her to talk to us about her card deck May You Know Joy.

Adrienne Enns is chief joy curator at her company, May You Know Joy. I just love that. Adrienne inspires and empowers people to live intentionally and create their lives on purpose every day. She offers workshops, coaching, and has created a product line including the intention cards we’ll be discussing today. Adrienne is my dear friend and I had an absolute ball talking to her and I learned so much from her. May you receive as much joy from this interview as I did.
Welcome, my dear friend Adrienne. I’m so thrilled that you made the time to talk with us. Thank you so much. Welcome.

Adrienne: Thank you for having me.

Allyson: Let’s jump right in. Tell us what Oracle decks are. Just give us a simple definition, if a listener isn’t quite sure what we’re talking about here.

Adrienne: Well, there are so many. I would say generally, it’s a deck of cards that you will draw thought from for some inspiration or direction or to answer a question. There are all kinds from tarot decks, to intention decks, to yoga decks. So yeah, it’s really a matter of finding a deck and or decks. A lot of people use them interchangeably. That really resonates with you.

Allyson: Yeah. I just want to tell the quick story that I knew Adrienne for a long time before I got a hold of her cards, the May You Know Joy deck, but it was just one of those things that I knew that you had them and all I heard was all these amazing things. And then I finally got myself a deck. They are just the most amazing, truly, truly amazing card deck. I love them so much. I pick a card every day. I would love to know, and so please tell us about your journey to creating the May You Know Joy card deck.

Adrienne: Sure. Well, first of all, thank you. As you’re saying that, I’m smiling from ear to ear because I like the fact that people are enjoying them. It’s the biggest reward that there is. The cool or the quick version of this is I went through a really difficult time. Seven years ago, I had to get sober and to turn my life around. In doing that, I found I really needed to change my whole way of being, of living, of nourishing myself” mind, body, spirit. And I also had to get really present with the moment, like how am I feeling right now? What is the next best thing I can do for myself?

I discovered a deck of cards and they just really helped me live day to day. They inspired me and opened me up and helped me look at things in new ways. I knew that I really wanted to create my own ultimately. It would be years after that, that I would do it. But I started just the back of my journal, just keeping a list of words that meant a lot, and I was journaling a lot. All of the cards are really facets of my journey and facets of what I think is a wholeness of our human experience. When I actually went to create them, there were a million roadblocks. My friends were like, “Oh, that sounds really cute.” And just from printing and packaging, I could have stopped a million times and something in my heart was like, just keep going.

When there was a roadblock, something else would open up. I finally got them printed, I followed my heart, and they were supposed to be for my business clients and friends and family, and over the past few years they’ve just really taken off. So it really is a deep pleasure and honor for me to share them with the world because I feel like it’s also a super, super simple way for people to connect with themselves.

Allyson: Yes. Okay. I just want to say I love what you said, when you asked the question, “What’s the next best thing I can do for myself?” Like so brilliant. I also wanted to just tell you that I pick cards for myself, and for my two and a half year old, and she loves it. She’ll say, “Mama card, mama card.”

Adrienne: That’s awesome.

Allyson: It’s super sweet, and I think totally something you can do with the family. Tell us about how you can use Oracle decks on a daily basis to help connect in or however. How can we use them in our daily lives?

Adrienne: Well, I will answer your question, But I’m going to preface it by saying, these are suggestions. What I always invite people to do too, is create their own ritual or ceremony because I don’t want this to feel like another chore or to do list item. It should feel like really beautiful, sacred time that you’re creating for yourself. But having said that, people do want some guidance. I would say like for me with my deck, I will pick a card in the morning and I always take the word-in first because there is a companion booklet that people can read for inspiration, but what’s most important is how that word resonates with you. And it will resonate in different ways on different days depending what’s going on in your life at that point.

I just think the cards are great because they’re a visual reminder. A lot of times people will put them up on their desk, or I’ve heard people putting them on their bathroom mirror or carrying them in their purse. If that is your intention for the day, to me, it means it’s a way of mindfully showing up and consciously choosing how you’re going to align in your day. Let’s say, for example, the card was May You Know Kindness, like, how could I be a little bit kinder to myself? How can I be kinder to other people? It’s a way of really being aware throughout the day instead of defaulting to that autopilot that is so prevalent.

Allyson: Yeah, I love that. I love that. Tell us about the different ways that you can use cards. Let’s say I pick a card and I’m just not feeling it. Let’s say I pick kindness and I’m just not feeling kindness. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. What do you recommend when that happens?

Adrienne: Well, there are two things. As I said to me, it’s a no rules kind of thing. If you really wanted to, you put it back, you know what I mean? And pull another one. You can also pick a card on purpose, like when you’re familiar with the deck maybe there’s something you want to manifest or create, so there’s a specific intention you want to align with.

The other part though that is interesting is if you pick that May You Know Kindness card, and you do have resistance, chances are there’s a real opportunity for you to open to it if you’re game. The thing with setting an intention is when you set the intention, you can be assured that the universe is going to give you plenty of opportunities. And also that kindness card, it’s funny because a client of mine was using them and she had picked that card, and by lunchtime one day she had emailed me and she said, this is not working, “Nobody has been kind to me today.”

And I said, we choose an intention to because it feels an integrity and worthwhile to us. Like that’s how we want to show up in the world and it’s more important to us that we show up and we’re not necessarily attached to a specific outcome, so being intentional is a practice.

Allyson: Yeah, okay. I’m holding your May You Know Joy card deck and I’m shuffling them, and I feel like picking a card if that is okay. I picked one this morning that really resonated with me but I won’t say it unless I pick it again. I’m shuffling and I’m saying stop. I just, how I do it, I know there’s a million different ways to pick your card, but I normally just shuffle until I kind of feel this nudge or this internal desire to stop on a card, and that’s how I do it.

Adrienne: It’s awesome. And that’s where it’s like to personalize it or try different things. There is no right or wrong.

Allyson: Yes. This is interesting. I got May You Know, clarity. I love this. May I read what is written [crosstalk 00:12:38]?

Adrienne: Of course.

Allyson: May You Know clarity of vision and purpose. When the world becomes obscured and untrustworthy, may you know your own soul, your own truth, and your own heart. May this clarity be your compass as you take the steps of your journey. Take this clear vision and make firm choices that are in the interest of your greatest good.
Oh, so, so lovely. I love that I picked this card because I really think that Oracle decks are such a great way to get clarity when you’re feeling a little blurry.

Adrienne: Yeah, it’s just like a beautiful little nudge, right? Like, let’s say it’s just a little bit of grounding so clarity could be around a truth for you. Maybe you want to go into a conversation seeking clarity or with more clarity like there’s always opportunities to practice. I mentioned this too because it’s not about being perfect. It’s all about growing and just realigning all the time so when we feel ourselves getting off course we just come back and it’s like where is the opportunity for me to have or create or find more clarity today.

Allyson: I love that so much. This podcast, I think, it gets a lot of different listeners, but it’s geared towards soul guided women entrepreneurs, so women entrepreneurs that have a kind of heart based soul guided business. What are some ways from your experience, again, knowing that there are no rules here, but different suggestions that women entrepreneurs can use, how they can use Oracle cards in support of their business and connecting to the soul of their business and all of those types of things?

Adrienne: Well speaking, there are different Oracle decks and they all have a different energy to them. I would invite them first of all to choose one that really speaks to them. And you can, as I said, cross pollinate. I sometimes do and I’ve seen people send me pictures of using different decks together because I’m most familiar with mine and it’s based in being intentional. I mean, as a female entrepreneur myself, I think it’s too over, over simplified, two pronged. But to me, it’s as entrepreneurs it’s easy to get busy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

I think on a very, very personal level, having a morning practice of getting grounded and getting centered, and staying clear and true to ourselves is super important. Picking a card from any deck can assist in that and people are strapped for time, but even if you can take a minute or five minutes to reflect, to do a little meditation around it, it’s really like worth so much more than that. It’s like better to do something, than to do nothing. And then from a business perspective, again, it can be easy when there are so many tasks on hand.

For me, the intention piece is I will sometimes pick a card to like stay on track with something, so what is my intention for this conversation I want to have? What is my intention for this project? What is my intention for today or this month? And it really [inaudible 00:16:42] to your card helps with clarity, right? Like just to stay grounded, aligned, on track. And then when maybe there’s a project or a task that doesn’t fall in alignment, is that put on the back corner or do we get somebody else to help with us. Like, how can we use this to help us stay clear and focused, grounded, and also really nourish, sustain and maximize our energy.

Allyson: Yay. I love that. Nourish, sustain and maximize our energy.

Adrienne: Because we know, I mean, it’s a valuable resource, right? So anything that we can keep, put in the bank helps. And then the other part is, to me, these practices. People are like … First of all, you don’t need a lot of time. It’s simple, but it’s cumulative. It’s like flexing that muscle. When we do it all the time, it becomes second nature and we’re actually helping ourselves out.

Allyson: Yes, yes. So Adrian, I’m your client and I come to you and say, “Yeah, I really want to live with more intention and I love your decks, but I simply just don’t have time. I have to get up. I got a race to work, I just don’t have time. I’m stuck.”

Adrienne: Yeah, I hear this all the time. I’ll tell you the … Well, they’re kind of two answers. One is polite, one is less polite. The thing is like to me, it only it can take 30 seconds. Do you know what I mean? And you can use a card deck, you don’t even have to pay any money. Do you know what I mean? You just choose how you want to show up that day, like, how do I want to show up in this world? Like, what do I choose for myself? It could take 30 seconds, a minute, five minutes, 10 minutes. The most important thing is that you do something.

The hardest part is that zero to 1% as we’ve heard before. The other thing I do tell people, and I wouldn’t say this is like impolite, it’s a little harsher, but it’s like today is your time on the planet. Do you know what I mean? You choose how you’re going to show up. And whether you believe it or not, you create how you spend your time. You also need to believe that you’re worth your own time, like your well being, your nourishment, the choices you make, like they’re worth it. If you can’t take 30 seconds or a minute, I can’t help you out.

You’ve got to be committed. Again, and I just say that because I’m not here to convince anybody or sway them to these practices. But I will say from personal experience that they absolutely work but you have to create time for them. It’s like anything that’s worth it. A physical practice, relationships, your sleep, exercise, a project at work, everything can take time. And often it takes more time when we’re malnourished. When we’re energetic and taking care of ourselves, we’re just a lot more effective in this world and have a better time.

Allyson: Yes, yes. If someone is feeling really stuck or maybe going through a bit of a crisis, how would you recommend they use your decks to help ease their way through or find guidance through a really difficult time?

Adrienne: In my personal opinion and personal experience, it’s starting this intentional practice. I would say if they were using my deck, it would be as simple as choosing an intention card in the morning, whether it was at random or they chose one on purpose, and just being curious and playful during the day as to how that showed up for them. Because sometimes it shows up in interesting and unexpected ways.

If you’re a little playful with it and look for the opportunities, it’s also a way to enter situations, conversations, experiences, in this awakened and aware way. To go back to your question, if you’re stuck, is there a new way for me to look at this or explore this or show up and be curious and playful and maybe not default into your regular patterns?

And then for maximum experience, I would then take time also at the end of the day, just to reflect on how this showed up. If you’re a journaler and you have time for that, that can be a really good way of getting down your experiences. And then the other part separate from the cards is to include a gratitude practice. So gratitude, three things that I’m grateful for today. That’s like the simplest way, but again, to me, it’s the daily practice of it. And also just being kind to ourselves, like practicing these intentions, practicing like really showing up and creating our best possible life, and being less judgmental in the process.

Allyson: Yes. Beautiful. Beautiful. One last question. Can you share with us a magical story from your life With your decks, something whoo whoo that happened or something that just was like very magical?

Adrienne: Yeah. Look, I don’t know if this falls into mystical the way I think maybe you’re talking about it, but maybe this is like a profound aha that I had. In the deck, the one card that I know sometimes I’m like, oh, and other people feel the same, is May You Know Acceptance. I had had that card specifically out for a long time when I was going through a very difficult period and there were just certain truths that I did have to accept, things I didn’t like, but they were true and I was like, “Okay, I’m going to accept this. Not say it’s okay, but accept this truth and decide with this information, how I’m going to move forward.”

That’s what acceptance meant for me at that period, and then I chose it. I’m sure many times in between, but again this January, and I was like, acceptance? I was so used to, I’m quoting here, having to accept things, and things were really and are going really well in my life. Like it’s just a good stage. And I was like, oh, now acceptance also means accepting all of the good things in my life, like all of the amazing things that are happening and being open to receiving as a result of all that work done previously. All of a sudden, I had this big aha, and acceptance meant something really, really different and it was a whole new way of growing for me. They can really mean different things to different people at different times.

I invite the people listening too, to be open to really letting it sit in their heart and see what shows up. Because that’s really what’s most powerful, is it’s connecting you to your own truth and your own best experience.

Allyson: That is lovely. And Adrienne, I have your deck in front of me face down. For some reason I just picked up the top card and it’s May You Know Acceptance.

Adrienne: Of course, I love it. I love it.

Allyson: I’m feeling calm now just for the listeners. Because maybe there’s someone out there who needs this that I would really love to read what you’ve written about acceptance, if that’s okay`?

Adrienne: Yeah, please do.

Allyson: May you know acceptance. May you accept all that unfolds in your life, the expected and the unexpected, the positive and the negative. May you accept yourself and the circumstances you find yourself in. In choosing acceptance you choose peace, kindness and compassion. Acceptance requires vast resources but doesn’t waste energy and resistance. Acceptance comes from self love and creates space for opportunity and transformation.

Love, love, love. And wow, what a powerful, powerful thought. So freeing.

Adrienne: Yeah, all of the cards are an opportunity and also a real experience of our wholeness. There might be raw material in front of you like stuff in your life that is less than ideal or didn’t go the way you wanted. It’s like, “What are we going to do with that raw material?” Like, what create of energy can we put into it to create something beautiful, like where’s the opportunity?

Allyson: Yes. I love it. Adrienne, thank you so, so much for your wisdom, your time, your brilliance, your radiance, your cards, your contribution.

Adrienne: My pleasure. My pleasure.

Allyson: Tell us if people want to learn more about you, get one of these decks, get some of the other amazing products you offer. I think you still do one on one coaching. Don’t you?

Adrienne: I do, yes.

Allyson: Yes. Get on your schedule for some coaching, how can they find you?

Adrienne: There are a few ways. My website address is www.mayyouknowjoy.com That’s M-A-Y-Y-O-U-K-N-O-W-J-O-Y.com. My business is called May You Know Joy, and that’s the name of the card deck we’re talking about. I’m also on Instagram at May You Know Joy and Facebook under the same name. So whatever your favorite mode of communication, I invite you to be in touch. And yeah, just for your listeners, if they do want to purchase the cards off of my website, I would love for them to use the promo code Joy15 for a 15% discount.

Allyson: Oh, you’re so generous. Thank you so much.

Adrienne: Welcome.

Allyson: If you’re listening and you’re at all curious, hop on this offer. They seriously are special cards. They have been a part of my everyday life now for about the last year or so. I’m really I’m speaking from the heart here.
Adrienne again, thank you, thank you so much. You’re such a joy. I am so happy to be part of your tribe. I’m just an adoring fan of yours.

Adrienne: Thank you. The feeling’s mutual.

Allyson: All right. Did I not tell you that she was amazing?

All the links to get ahold of Adrienne and to get ahold of her May You Know Joy card deck with the 15% discount, and promo code, all of that stuff is in the show notes, so I really do encourage you to grab a deck. They are truly awesome.

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