The Uncorked Conversation

Ep 21 Using Our Inner Voice to Get Crystal Clear On Our Core Gifts


Using Our Inner Voice to Get Crystal Clear On Our Core Gifts

This soulful episode is a recording of one of my one-on-one coaching sessions with writer and life coach Jane Bernstein. I coach Jane through the 4-step formula to being in full expression of her core gifts, and how to use the voice of her Inner Being to get crystal clear regarding how her gifts want to express themselves right now and to whom.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • The 4-step formula to reaching your full, max potential
  • A technique for using our Inner Voice to get real clarity, and
  • How to translate what our Inner Voice tells us into simple, joyful action items

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Ep #21: Using Our Inner Voice to Get Crystal Clear On Our Core Gifts

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Allyson Scammell: You are listening to the Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell, episode number 21.

Allyson Scammell: Hello and welcome to the uncorked conversations, a podcast for soul guided, passion filled, women entrepreneurs who want to uncork big magic in life and business without burning out. We’ll get to the truth of how to uncork our core gifts, the ones we keep hidden inside. And how to infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like magic. We’ll also uncover how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management and planning. I’m your host, Allyson Scammell.

Allyson Scammel: Hello shantipax nation. Where do you go for inspiration? I like to listen to other podcasts to help me become a better podcaster, and learn the art. I talk about Brooke Castillo a lot, but another podcaster I enjoy listening to is Jess Lively, and her podcast is called The Lively Show. And whenever I get an inspiration from one of these podcasts to try on my own podcast, I always like to tell you the source of my inspiration so they get credit. And Jess Lively did a great episode a few months ago, which I include in the show notes. Where she records herself coaching a client, and I thought that was such a cool idea. She is using the client session to teach how to tune in to the voice of our inner being, the voice of our intuition. Inner voice, however you want to call it.

Allyson Scammel: And I loved the idea of that. So guess what? I’m doing it too. Thank you Jess Lively. Although of course I’m going to be talking about core gifts, and I’ve been talking a lot about the four step formula for performing at your full max capacity. And really, what that means is to be in full expression of your core gifts, and to be performing inside your zone of genius. You can do it in four simple yet profound steps. And I wanted to go through those steps with a client to demonstrate to you the listener on how this is done.

Allyson Scammel: My client is my dear soul sister, genuine Jane Bernstein, and she is a complete delight. She is a writer and life coach. And I often think after sessions with her that she should be paying me. And we go through the four step process, which is step one, to name your core gift. Step two is to identify how you want to express that gift. Step three is to choose the medium or the vehicle to share the gift. And step four is to identify your target audience. So here is our session. Please enjoy.

Allyson Scammel: So we have our core gifts, and you and I have done a lot of work up until this point to explore them, identify them. And we’re still because the journey to get to know our core gifts lasts our whole lifetime. So we’re still exploring through them, and we’ve identified three that we want to work with today. So I’ll read the first one, and we’ll just go through and do a tweak and refine. If anything comes to you that you would like tweaked, just say. “I have the ability to be genuine Jane in public and help others connect with and be their genuine selves.”

Jane Bernstein: Yeah. In public and in private.

Allyson Scammel: And in private. Okay. And tell us what genuine Jane means.

Jane Bernstein: It means being my true self. It’s been my life’s work actually, trying to sort that out until I realized that I already was being genuine Jane. It’s being the very nature connected, slow, wildly appreciative person that I am. And not necessarily conforming to … not necessarily living a life that looks that much like my parents’ lives or my sisters’ lives or practically anybody else’s life. But really being aligned with my own self, and cultivating the felt sense of my own genuineness, and moving and living accordingly.

Allyson Scammel: That’s so beautiful. I love that so much. And, I think the clear shadow of being genuine Jane is hiding. So all of our core gifts have a shadow side. That would be the shadow to being genuine Jane. Is that correct?

Jane Bernstein: Yes.

Allyson Scammel: Alright, so I want to take this to the next step of the process. And what we want to do is determine how you want to express this core gift of being genuine Jane at this point in your life. So it’s a four step process, and we’ve just gone through the first step. That is name the core gift. We have a very sophisticated and explored core gift, because we’ve done quite a bit of work up until this point.

And if you feel like you aren’t sure what your core gift is, then the best thing you can do is always just go from your best guess, about what you see as a big strength within you.

Allyson Scammel: So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to bobble down. We’re going to pivot down, and go to your heart space Jane. And we’re going to try to quiet your mind, and quiet the filters that the mine brings in of what should happen, and what other people are doing, and what other people expect of you. And this will be probably easier for you given your core gift. We’re going to check in with your inner voice, your inner being, your intuition, to see what it has to say. So our core gifts never change in our lifetime. They just deepen, and expand, and grow. But how we express our core gifts changes every day. It can change or not change. We can express it in the same way every day, but there’s a million different ways we can express our core gifts. So Jane, if you pivot down to your heart space and listen to what you either hear or sense coming from that

space … and I asked the question, what action do you want to take? How do you want to express your core gift of being genuine Jane in public and in private at this point in your life? What do you hear from your inner voice?

Jane Bernstein: I hear write. W-R-I-T-E. And I also hear sit. And the sitting is pretty much sitting outside, sitting on the earth, sitting under trees, sitting with rivers. So that kind of sitting.

Allyson Scammel: That’s beautiful. And I know that you are truly tapping into your heart space. I can send some immediately when the mind wants to get involved and it is getting involved, because the mind is very verbose. And the fact that you heard write and sit, that is clearly coming from your inner voice and it’s really beautiful. So inner voice. I want to go back to you. What do you want to write right now? What do you want to write about?

Jane Bernstein: The word that came up is just nature.

Allyson Scammel: Beautiful. So that was already answered in the sit. So write about nature.

Jane Bernstein: I get nature as in the natural world and also as in human nature and my nature.

Allyson Scammel: Your core gift. Being genuine Jane, I’m dying to read your writing Jane about your own nature. Because I want to know. Because I’m feeling your core gift and I am an ideal person, I think, for your writing. I’m the kind of person who would love to read your writing, and I want to know about your nature.

Jane Bernstein: And the funny thing is, so I get the sense that so much will be clarified for me as I’m writing.

Allyson Scammel: Yes. And your sense is a hundred percent accurate, because the clarity will come through the writing and the being consistent, and writing a little bit each day.

These big themes we’re identifying are going to get clearer, clearer, clearer as to exactly what it is, what your specific messages are, etc. So yes to that.

Allyson Scammel: All right, so let’s go back to inner voice. Inner voice Jane. Is there any other direction and guidance you can give us at this point to help with this process?

Jane Bernstein: What came up was simply the sun and the east. So what regular Jane is making that mean is perhaps doing all of this in the morning. The morning being the time, sitting and writing.

Allyson Scammel: Love it. And I’ll just ask one more question inner voice. Is there a place that she should sit in nature, or will that come to her in time?

Jane Bernstein: What came up is a vision of a river, and there’s trees. So it’s a river that runs through woods. There’s earth and sky, and trees and water. It just so happens that my office is right on the river. So I don’t know if it’s my office or or actually sitting by the river.

Allyson Scammel: Thank you so much inner voice. Because inner voice actually also answered the third question. So the third question of this process is always to identify the medium. So we have gifts. These core gifts are always meant to be first gifted to ourselves, and then gifted to our ideal people. So there’s always a space in which that transaction takes place. And that space can be out in nature, it can be in a blog post, it can be in a book, it can be in a recording studio, it can be a million different places. An art gallery. So the medium I’m identifying is out in nature, which you’ve already identified pretty clearly. River, trees, Earth, Sky.

You’ve seen your office, and the act of writing is also a medium which you share with others. Your writing. So just pivoting down again to inner voice, is there anything else we need to know about the medium?

Jane Bernstein: I also get singing, which I have no experience with yet. And other music making.

Maybe this flute I just have recently purchased.

Allyson Scammel: I love this. This is juicy. Because the intuitive hint I’m getting is that you were very clear when we were identifying and naming your core gift that you have the ability to be genuine Jane in public, and in private. So to me maybe, tell me how this lands with you, Jane. This singing and other music making, the playing of the flute is you being genuine Jane in private.

Jane Bernstein: I wonder if it’s the singing and music making are really an offering to the natural world. There may be some of it that is in public. If I’m playing the flute for the Housatonic River here in the middle of Great Barrington, then there’s possibility it will be public. It wouldn’t be a performance, but it wouldn’t be hiding.

Allyson Scammel: Right, no. Beautiful. Yes. Offering up your music to the natural world, and whoever is there to experience it is there. So that brings us nicely to the fourth and final aspect to identify. And that is who your target audience is for this. So I’ve identified as a target audience yourself and the natural world, who is also an audience. Getting to people. So now this is me getting my thinking brain going. So I’m going to be thinking brain talking to your inner voice. And it’s always the thinking brain that wants to get more clarity than what is normally needed. So I’m playing that role. In terms of your writing and the people to whom you target your writing, who are those people inner voice?

Jane Bernstein: What’s coming up is just people. The people I encounter. So maybe just the people I’m encountering as I’m making these offerings. I also had a vision of people in this setting that I’ve created, where they’re doing the work that they want to do and then I’m facilitating their doing. But while they’re doing that, I am doing my thing. Making music and singing to the natural world.

Allyson Scammel: Yeah. So in terms of getting back to the writing. And stepping back to the medium, because I love this. I love this vision you have. And again, this is me being thinking brain. With the writing and mind, inner voice. What is the medium for the writing? How will the writing be shared with others?

Jane Bernstein: I’m getting on the internet. I guess on my website, which doesn’t exist yet. Yeah.

I’m also seeing some, literally just seeing a picture of a local publication. And seeing a picture of a little book that I can put together for people who I’m going to be co-leading a retreat with in February.

Allyson Scammel: And the little book would be for the retreaters? Jane Bernstein: Yes.

Allyson Scammel: I love the feeling of that, a little book. So this is perfect. And I’m getting the sense Jane that this is all very local. At this point, it’s all very the people who are in your sphere as who are your people. The people who are in your either now or at some point will be in your third dimensional presence. Do you find that to be true?

Jane Bernstein: Yeah.

Allyson Scammel: Yay. This is all so beautiful. So that is really the process. And we got so much amazing information about how you can express your core gifts, which you are expressing all the time. But now we’re just doing it with greater intention, and we’re going to amp up our gifts by just doing anything you do with greater intention, you do more powerfully. So that’s what is happening here.

Allyson Scammel: Things you would have been likely doing anyway, but this is just giving you that next step of clarity and power in your intention. Really what we want to do next is identify your to do list, what action items are now on your to do list from this information we just received. I always like to, and I got this little trick from Abraham, from Esther Hicks’s Abraham. About how if you visualize the action first, and especially as Jane did coming from your inner voice, which you did beautifully, by the way. That is actually the action already taking place. You’re visualizing it. So then the next step is actually just to experience the action.

You’ve already taking it in your visualization. So now we want to experience it, so you can just be in the present moment. All five senses engaged, fully present. I am experiencing the action that I already visualized.

Allyson Scammel: So we want to identify how you can do that, how you can experience that action. So you identify that you sensed that the writing would take place in the morning. Is that correct?

Jane Bernstein: Yes.

Allyson Scammel: So what time? This is where my thinking brain likes to get specific when it comes to getting the actions scheduled to be experienced. So what does morning look like to you these days? I know you’ve mentioned that you haven’t been sleeping fabulously.

Jane Bernstein: Yeah, I haven’t been. I feel like I’m having to be … I would say it’s like throwing a wrench into things, except for it is genuine. I’m working with it. Right now is not a time when I’m waking before the sun. But I would love to be, and I definitely feel a call to be.

Allyson Scammel: What do you think would be a good way to honor your current bio rhythms and honor this calling at the same time to wake before the sun to write? How do you think you can find a compromise with that?

Jane Bernstein: I think that I just can pretty much get outside as soon as I get up. And have just a period of being in connecting with all that’s going on out there. And then the writing. So I really could get to my office pretty quickly in the morning and spend even just an hour writing. That would be an amazing way to be starting my days. It seems absurd that it’s not how I do it, but …

Allyson Scammel: I love it. So you’re going to wake up as soon as you get up. You said it beautifully. Jane Bernstein: Yup.

Allyson Scammel: You said, “I want to get outside as soon as I wake up.” So that could be whenever you naturally wake up. If you did have some interrupted sleep and you need to sleep in later or not, however that looks for the day. And then there’s a period of being and connecting outside. It’s really beautiful.

Jane Bernstein: One of the things that life coach Brooke Castillo talks about is having quarterly goals, not having one single goal for the year, but having goals for each quarter. Which is really each season. So I would love to start thinking about connecting what I’m doing to how I’m naturally being, given where we are in this cycle of the seasons.

Allyson Scammel: That’s so beautiful. If you just did a little 500 words on an Instagram post, I would so gobble that up Jane. I really would. Just what you just said, and I’m recording this. So if you can’t remember, we’ve got it. That was really beautiful what you just said, and I think that there’s a lot of people out there who would want to read what you have to say about it from your own experience.

Allyson Scammel: What I want to do is go through this four step process one more time just so we can experience it with another core gift to see what happens. And maybe we won’t spend quite so much time in the interest of time. We’ll just go through, if it works. And sometimes, I have these grand visions to go through something quickly and the creative process doesn’t want to be quick. And that’s perfect too, so we’ll just be in response to what wants to happen, but I’m feeling called. You have another gift, and I’m just being called to go to that one.

Allyson Scammel: That was, you have the ability to slow way down to the speed of walking, to the speed of trees and plants. I think it’s such, what a gift in today’s modern world of rushing. And I think within this is this idea of being instead of doing, which I

think is just a fascinating thing. I am definitely such a doer, that I’m always trying to understand how I could shift to being more of a beer. And I think I’ve learned a lot from you Jane, about this. So let’s just do a quick tweak and refine of the gift. That’s step number one. How I’ve said that, does that sound accurate? I have the ability to slow way to the speed of walking, to the speed of trees and plants.

Jane Bernstein: Yes.

Allyson Scammel: And then obviously the shadow to that is rushing, right? Stroke doing, which is where I think I’m always in shadow on. Well this is not a core gift of mine, but I think it’s a weakness rather have mine. Which is why I need people like Jane to help me to teach me how to slow down. I literally don’t know how. And so I need, this is why I being an ideal audience of Jane, need her core gifts to help me do it.

Allyson Scammel: So we’re going to go back to that act of pivoting down to the heart space, and we’re going to go to step number two, to the ‘actions.’ But actions here aren’t necessarily doing actions. They can also be, being actions. They can be non- action. So this step two is actions in air quotes, and we’re just using that word so we all understand each other. But actions mean a lot of different things in this step.

Allyson Scammel: So pivoting down to speak to your inner voice, that’s coming from that heart space, that heart chakra. What is something that Jane can do or be to really express her core gift of slowing way down?

Jane Bernstein: So what arises is literally just slowing way down as I do the things that there are to do. I need to organize my office, which is in a little bit of a state of chaos right now. I could have frantic energy around it. And the air conditioner that’s been sitting on the floor since we took it out two months ago should already be downstairs. I’m not really getting anywhere with that kind of energy, but I can just really do allow myself to be slow, doing the things that need doing. That’s exactly what I need to do.

Allyson Scammel: I love that. Allow myself to be slow doing the things that you want to do. Doing the things you’d be doing anyway. So you could do it with frantic energy, which you know doesn’t feel good. Or you could engage your core gift and just slow down. Love that.

Jane Bernstein: Me too.

Allyson Scammel: So this is our shadow. And this is an interesting one Jane, because we have been culturally conditioned big time to rush, and to do. And that affects all of us. But this is a good example of how you are going to be affected more than say me, if you feel rushed. It’s going to hurt you more. It’s going to stress you more, strain you more. However it shows up. Than it would me because I have different core

gifts and shadow gift. When you’re in shadow, you’re going to be affected by it more than the average person. Which is why it’s so important for you to give yourself permission to slow down.

Jane Bernstein: Yeah, it is. Just the thought creates so much spaciousness for me to do things. I am hurt, and I’m not served by rushing, and the feeling of needing to do everything in a rush.

Allyson Scammel: Beautiful. Beautiful. So there’s a million different mediums that you could put this into context of because it’s basically allowing yourself to slow down in your everyday actions. But you did mention your office as a place and the organization of your office as a place to just allow yourself to slow down and organize as it wants to be organized. So if I ask you to pivot down and ask about the medium, where should you slow down? Do you get anything specific, or do you get just generally or something in between?

Jane Bernstein: What came up in the pivoting down is our house, which completely makes sense. Because the office that I’m talking about that’s disorganized, that needs organizing, is my home office, not my out of the house office by the river where everything is organized and peaceful. There are things that are home needs because it’s new to us. But a slow and steady approach to my home life is what came up, and it feels very right on.

Allyson Scammel: Beautiful, slow and steady approach to home life. I love that. In that to me is giving yourself permission for it not to be perfect as of today because you’re giving yourself a slow and steady approach to get things looking as you want them to look. And so in that time between now, where it is now. And where it will be someday, more perfect looking. I think our homes are something we’re always working on. But when you’re new to your home, so you’re still moving in. I am new to my home too, so I’m definitely not where I want to be either. So it’s just finding that piece where it is now and that permission. Just to be slow and steady.

Jane Bernstein: Yeah.

Allyson Scammel: Yay. And then lastly, and this is a great example of intended audience. So for me, you are the intended audience of the primary audience of this gift, and possibly your partner. What’s coming up for you when I ask who is the intended audience of this gift?

Jane Bernstein: My partner and I and for sure, and any one who comes into our home. But what came up Is a picture of my cell phone. So I have the feeling that what that says to me is that I will be sharing this on my Instagram feed. Sharing the slow evolution of the house, of our house.

Allyson Scammel: And it’s so funny because I think that Jane and I are each other’s ideal clients, so I definitely see myself as an ideal client. I would love, just because I am also new

to my home and I feel sometimes frantic with it that it’s not perfect. So I would love to read your Instagram post about how you are able to just be slow, take a slow and steady approach to home life and to get things organized, and feng shuied and all those things. I would love to read about that.

Allyson Scammel: And I’d love to read about when you fell off the wagon, you got back into that frantic energy but you were able to get out of the frantic energy. I’d love to learn about all of it, the whole experience. Because I am a huge fan of genuine Jane, and I just want to know.

Jane Bernstein: Thank you. Thank you really. I love that. And before you said all that, I did write down you as my ideal audience. Which says, it’s helpful for me because I can be thinking of you as I’m writing, which is such a useful tool for a writer as opposed to writing without a particular audience, or a particular person in mind that. It’s a different quality to the writing, and different ease of the writing process for me. So I will be writing for you too.

Allyson Scammel: Well, that’s 100 percent true. And that’s why when you go through this four step process and you get to the audience, I always encourage people to really think of one person if you can, or an imaginary person that’s a composite of many different people. Because then when you get to that point where you are engaging your core gifts and intending your core gift for this one person, it does get more powerful because it’s very clear. I’m writing for this person. And then that’s when your writing or whatever it is you’re creating gets really good. And of course then many, many people want to have access to it. So it’s not like you only want me to read your Instagram posts. But when you create in a way that’s directed toward say me, that’s when it gets really clear and powerful and high vibe. And then other people are like, “I want some of this too.” The only thing here is I need to get on Instagram. I’m not on Instagram.

Jane Bernstein: It’s funny, because I was thinking of that, how you aren’t on Instagram. And plenty of people aren’t. I only just got on it this year, but what I would post there, I can also post on my website.

Allyson Scammel: Yes. Yes. Well awesome. So Jane, do you have any questions about this little four step process I took you through or any comments?

Jane Bernstein: I feel relieved. It was easier and more … Easier than I expected it to be and very satisfying. And easier I think because you invited me not to so much use my thinking brain as to bobble down and use my heart voice. Which keeps things pretty simple and put me out of the loop as I was thinking about this, before we actually had the experience. It was all [inaudible 00:33:56], which can get [inaudible 00:33:57]

Allyson Scammel: Yes. And put us in overwhelm. It can put us in that space, like there’s so much to do. When really there’s not. If you go back and look at Jane’s ‘to do list,’ it’s like wake up and go out in nature and sit, or stand or walk. Then maybe come back

and write for an hour and slow way down. It’s actually taking stuff off your plate by the sounds of it.

Jane Bernstein: Yeah, which is exactly what I want to do. I wondered if simplifying was of my core gifts, but I don’t think it actually is. But being simple and minimalized is very much a part of genuine jane. I can just do that really slowly. I want to so simplify my wardrobe for example.

Jane Bernstein: Yesterday, I heard Seth Godin say that in, I think was the 1920s that kids only had on average, two pairs of pants and one pair of shoes. School, he was saying taught us to be consumers. It was part of instilling a consumer mentality into next generations. But at any rate, when I heard two pairs of pants and one pair of shoes, my genuine Jane just like, “Yes. I want to get my wardrobe so simple.”

Allyson Scammel: Yes. I love it.

Jane Bernstein: Yeah. And so many aspects of my life, so that there’s just a lot of being slow in nature. Having that be the contribution that it is to the life that sustains us and to the people for whom my sharing this way of being is nourishing.

Allyson Scammel: So beautiful. I’m so glad we’re recording this. I want to end on a big question. We won’t have a lot of time to explore it, so we’ll see how this goes. But I want to end on basically the question that you ask yourself to up level. So we know what the gift is, we know how we want to express the gift. We know the medium, we know the audience. Now it’s like how can we up level. And you could always up level. You always up level when you set the intention. I set the intention to really express these gifts to the ideal people that I feel called to express them towards. And then the other way to up level is to answer this question. So let’s go back to being genuine Jane. If you had no fear, what is one thing you would do today to really express your core gift of your ability to be genuine Jane in public and private?

Jane Bernstein: What arises is just being quiet in nature today. Not letting the day go by without that.

Allyson Scammel: I love it. And it sounds like maybe where the fear comes in, tell me where I’m wrong Jane, but maybe you fear if you do take this time to be quiet in nature, you won’t get other stuff done or-

Jane Bernstein: Yeah, there’s so much to do. Like really, I should get the air conditioner out of my office [inaudible 00:37:47] in the basement. I want to and can do and can do that too. But it actually isn’t as important as just being in nature.

Allyson Scammel: Yes. So now you know what your, I call it aligned and inspired action is. Is to be quiet in nature, slow and steady approach to your home life. Getting outside when you wake up in the morning to just be. And then possibly taking that and other things to your writing table.

Allyson Scammel: We saw a little book possibly in your writing. You saw local publication. You also saw a little book that you could possibly take on your retreat. And possibly sharing some of this on Instagram as you go through and just take a snapshot of your house with your cell phone, and just post a little something about slowing down and being more deliberate on Instagram or Facebook, or on your website. All so simple.

Jane Bernstein: Yeah. And all stuff that I really do want to do. It’s a list that makes me happy and eager. Not feel harried and overwhelmed.

Allyson Scammel: Okay. That’s beautiful. And that is basically the litmus test. Did we get the right list? And what you just said says yes. And as you go through and you commit to these small actions every day, little by little, by little, then that’s when the real clarity starts to come through about what is it exactly you’re going to be writing about? What it is exactly this, that what is exactly the little book going to look like? That’s when the clarity comes through. We can only get so much clarity through this visualization process. The real clarity comes through experiencing the actions that we’ve already taken in the visualization, which I love. And then tweaking and refining. Like how did that feel, what felt good, what didn’t, how can I make it better? And then doing it all again the next day.

Jane Bernstein: Yes. I’m writing that down. The funny thing is that I agree completely a thousand percent, that feels utterly true. And where I have tripped myself up is in wanting to get to the clarity first. But the only way to the clarity is in the daily doing of it and the tweaking and refining.

Allyson Scammel: Yes Jane, you just summed up beautifully what I experience so often with clients who want to get the clarity in their session with me. And I say no, the clarity. My word for homework is turtle steps stolen from Martha Beck, and I always say the clarity comes in the turtle steps. and they’re turtle steps because they’re not big steps. They’re not like tomorrow, Jane, I would like you to write 3000 words and have it to me by the end of the day. It’s not that. It’s like can you write two sentences? And then write two sentences again the next day or whatever it is.

That is really the small consistent steps, than the clarity starts to come. And it doesn’t take much time for that clarity to come, it comes pretty quickly actually.

Jane Bernstein: Yeah.

Allyson Scammel: Well thank you so much Jane. You are such an inspiration to me. I’m just so grateful. Oozing gratitude right now. It oozes over, my gratitude for you. On this Thanksgiving. We’re recording this on Thanksgiving week, so it’s a great week to be grateful. And I am so grateful for you, beyond words.

Jane Bernstein: And Allyson Scammell, I’m feeling exactly the same thing. Really oozing over with gratitude. Feel completely [inaudible 00:41:59] completely different space than I was an hour ago preparing for this call. Really. It was a very intellectual

space that was just a little confusing, just a little frantic. And now I feel clear and spacious.

Allyson Scammel: Love. Love, love, love, love. And thank you so much for agreeing to be recorded. That is perfect because your core gift of being genuine Jane, you’re the perfect person for me to record. Because so many people are going to get so much through everything you said and all the wisdom that came through in this coaching session. So thank you so much for that.

Jane Bernstein: You’re so welcome. And I will be delighted if that is the case. Allyson Scammel: Yay.

Jane Bernstein: I’m amazed and so grateful, and really pleased with the simplicity and the clarity, and the right on-ness of what we just did.

Allyson Scammel: Yes, yes, yes. I love it.

Jane Bernstein: I’m just so extremely thrilled with everything that has come of hiring you as a life coach. Because I feel like even, I feel like I’ve got a friend for life. In friend in my tribe, in my very close tribe. Our work has really helped forward my plot.

Allyson Scammel: I’m so grateful.

Allyson Scammel: That was my soulful session with deer genuine Jane Bernstein. And I get so much out of coaching her. I really have to pinch myself that I get to do this for a living.

Allyson Scammel: You can follow Jane on Instagram at notesfromyourlifecoach. And you can find an email address to contact her in the show notes.

Allyson Scammel: And I want to recap the four step formula is identify which gifts you want to share. Identify the way in which you want to express it, the action you want to take to express it. Identify the medium. So that’s the space in which the gift is shared. And then last but not least, who is the intended audience, the ideal target audience. And very often, it is you.

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