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How Creating Every Day Uncorks Our Core Gifts

We conclude our deep-dive into the world of core gifts. Episodes 13 and 14 were about defining core and shadow gifts, episode 15 explored how to spend more of our days in expression of our core gifts, episode 16 revealed how to up-level your core gifts, and episode 17 taught us how to reach our full, max potential.

This final episode of the deep-dive reveals the secret to amping up all stages of the core gifts process. In today’s episode:

  • I share a story about my coaching session with Martha Beck about the creative process
  • I reveal how creating every day is the secret sauce to defining, infusing, and refining our core gifts, and
  • I offer a fail-proof formula to creating every day

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The Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell Episode #18: How Creating Every Day Uncorks Our Core Gifts

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You are listening to the uncorked conversation podcast with Allyson Scammell, episode number 18.

Hello and welcome to the uncorked conversation, a podcast for soul guided, passion filled, women entrepreneurs who want to uncork big magic in life and business without burning out. We’ll get to the truth of how to uncork our core gifts, the ones we keep hidden inside and how to infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like magic. We’ll also uncover how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management and planning. I’m your host Allyson Scammell, let’s uncork.

Hey Shantipax Nation, this is the final episode in our core gift deep dive. Episodes 13 through 18 have been devoted to providing you with a deeper and greater understanding of our core gift and the core gift process. So, you can tap into your unique abilities with greater clarity and offer it up to your ideal people in order to up level your skills, sales and satisfaction. The core gift process has three stages. Stage one is to define your core gifts or the unique abilities that are expressly you. Episodes 13 and 14 are devoted to the defined stage. Stage two is to infuse your core gifts with greater intention into life and business. Those are the actions you take, the intended inspired actions. Episodes 15 and 17 were devoted to the infused stage. Finally, stage three is to refine your core gifts, to live and grow deeper into your mastery. I covered that in Episode 16.

Today’s episode number 18 is the secret to amping up all three stages. It involves our commitment to creating every day and our commitment to the creative process. In today’s episode I’ll share a story about my one and one coaching session with Martha Beck about this very topic. I reveal how creating every day is the secret sauce to defining, infusing and refining your core gifts. And I’ll offer you a fail proof formula to creating every day in a way that feels amazing and yields extraordinary results. I got my master coaching certification in 2017 and the experience culminated at a retreat at Martha Beck’s ranch and the opportunity to get a one on one coaching session with her in her presence. We had been coached by her several times before that via teleconference and that was the first time she had coached me one on one in your presence. I was really excited about it and I also go into this mind trap of I want it to be a big experience. I want to have major breakthrough. Martha Beck is coaching me, I want my mind to be blown.

When it was time I couldn’t decide what I wanted to talk about and I kept changing my mind. I shouldn’t talk about a problem, I should talk about a business idea I have and I should just dream and scheme with her, like no no no, I should talk about this. I kept second guessing myself. When she got to me I was just sort of stuck. One of the things that Martha always says is to be in creative response to all that is present. She was like, “All right Allyson, you’re up.” And I just looked at her and said, “I want to be in creative response to all that is present.” And she’s like, “Okay, say more.” I was like, um. The only thing that could come to mind in that sort of blank moment was I think I’m too much. Her response to that was, well okay, that’s normal, most people waffle between the thoughts I am not enough, to I am too much. I knew that was true and I actually say that to my own clients, but there was a piece of me that was disappointed because I wanted to be different, unique and special and I didn’t want to be like every other person she coached.

Again, I was totally up in my head, self sabotaging my experience. She was like, okay, you are too much, why? I said well, I have big dreams. And she’s like okay, and she starts coaching me around this limiting belief that I’m too much. Essentially I think the thought was I am too much to even think that I could achieve the big dreams I have for myself. We got through all that and I was able to sort of shift my thinking into well, no, that’s not too much and I am perfectly capable of achieving my big dreams. The thing though that she said that really stuck with me was okay, you have big dreams, you don’t have a one year plan you have a 20 year plan. Big visionary, big thinker, great, bravo. What are you going to create today? I thought, well that’s an unfair question, here I am at a retreat and I’m staying at a hotel, we’re here for the full day and then I have dinner plans tonight. How am I supposed to create anything today? I just kinda looked at her like deer in the headlights, like how could you put me on the spot this way. She was like, what are going to create today?

I started to give her my excuse and she was like no, no excuses, Allyson, what are you going to create today? Her point was beautiful and she was being tough on me but in a loving way. She was like, it’s great that you have a big vision for yourself but in the big visions it’s not big action, it’s small consistent creation every single day. I knew this and for those of you who’ve listened to this podcast for a while you’ve heard me say this but I still wasn’t fully embracing it to even create on the days where there wasn’t space seemingly to create. That has stuck with me, what am I going to create today? Even when I have family obligations, even when I just don’t feel like it, even when I didn’t sleep well and I’m tired. Even when life gets chaotic, what am I going to create today? Because if I have big vision for myself I can’t just take a month off. I can’t take time away from it. I can always twerk my vision to make it smaller but I don’t want to do that. A piece of me would wither away and die if I did that.

Instead I commit to creating something small each and every day so the cumulative effect of that is big results. I’ve offered many times on this podcast my definition of the creative process, but here’s something exciting I have a twerk to my definition. Something that came to me that there’s another piece to it. The creative process has four steps. Steps number one is to create something you feel called to create. You’re being tapped by your inner voice, your inner being, your intuition is saying create me. You create that thing, then you offer it up and this is where I am tweaking my previous definition, first you’re offering it up to yourself. That creation you always give to yourself first. Then you give it to your ideal people. How you offer it up to yourself will change and will look differently depending on where you are in your journey. If you are early in your journey and still maybe overcoming a challenge or a difficult circumstance, the creative process will be a healing process for you. You will be creating for you in order to heal. For example if you’re a writer and you’re writing about a difficult time in your life, you’re not writing for anyone else but yourself to help you heal through it, through the creative writing process.

Once you get through that healing and then you shift your creation to writing for or creating for someone else you’re still giving back to yourself first but in a different way, in a way of nourishing your soul through the creative process so your gifting yourself that gift of creativity. That act of creating from the heart, from your inner being is your gift. Then you offer that creation up to your ideal person or people. Then the third step of the creative process is to tweak and refine, so you ask yourself, what went well, what didn’t, what can I change, do I need to change anything, how can I make it better, how can I make it more joyful, how can I make it easier? All those things and then very very important step number four, is to do it again. You keep repeating that creative process over and over and over and you keep doing it until you master whatever it is you are creating. That is the creative process. That requires daily commitment and the question, what am I going to create today?

Why is creating every day the secret sauce to defining, infusing and refining your core gifts? Let me also say a word about creating. We’ve been socially conditioned to understand creativity as a painter, as a writer, as a artist doing something creative. The creative process is everywhere, I use that broad definition of creativity and it can be something simple as creating something for a family member that you offer them every day or it can be creating a new product for an ideal client or customer for your business. Everyone has access to the creative process, it’s not just for artists, it is for everyone. Our core gifts all thrive off of the creative process. Here’s the reason why, you can only get so much clarity inside of your head from a thought. In order for you to start getting real clarity as to what is working and what is not and what you want and what you don’t, you have to create and offer it up to someone else. It is in that process of creating and offering that you start to feel and sense and experience and understand what works, what doesn’t, what you want, what you don’t.

Also, in creating every single day you start to get better and better at something and very often when something is new it is hard and there is a steep learning curve and sometimes we take that challenge and that difficulty and that newness to mean we’re not good at it. Maybe that’s true, but very often it’s not true. You just need to commit to learning, to creating every day, to getting better and as you commit and as you learn that new thing and you work at it every single day, pretty soon the learning curve is not so step and then you are just creating it effortlessly. That is when the joy and the real juice of the experience comes is. Lastly, practice really does make perfect, as you are creating something over and over and over again you are getting the clarity, you are improving, that is when you really are taking your skillset to the next level. Even though we’re born with these unique abilities that are super powers, they still need to get flexed, they still need to work out every single day.

An Olympic Athlete works out every single day to remain at that level, they don’t take a month off when life gets tough. Or if they do take a month off when life gets tough and sometimes you have to and that’s okay. They have to understand that their performance is going to be effected and that is no difference for us engaged in the creative process. If life does get that tough and you really do have to take a break from creative process, it’s just understanding that your big vision for the results you want to achieve may take a little bit longer. Or they make look a little different. This is the time where you don’t want to be too easy on yourself regarding the creative process or too hard on yourself and I’ll tell you how you can do that in a minute.

First, I want to say a word about multi passionate entrepreneurs. These are people who are interested in creating many, many different things. They have a hard time committing to one thing because they have so many different interests and so many different passions. So, yay if that is you. I have a tough love message if that is you. I love multi passionate entrepreneurs, on some level I am one myself. However, you can only make so much momentum on anything if you keep restarting the creative process. So, you start one process and you roll with that for three months and that starts to kind of feel tiring and kind of bored and hard so then you launch a new one. You will never get the kind of momentum that you really want to get real results if you keep relaunching the creative process because you keep finding new things that you’re passionate about. This doesn’t mean you have to pick one passion, one thing to create for your whole life.

Instead, I like to look at people like Tim Ferriss and maybe you’re a fan, maybe you’re not doesn’t matter. The point is I believe he does the multi passionate entrepreneur thing well. He focuses in on one thing and one thing only and he builds and creates that thing intensively for a period of time until it is launched and off the ground. I find it super inspiring that he started and built he own company and was making a lot of money but he was a workaholic and he decided to take some time off to travel and then somehow ended up in Argentina and just fell in love with Tango. Then started dancing Tango for four to eight hours every day and became a world class Tango dancer. That’s incredible. Most people at that level start dancing Tango from the age of five or six and he just as an adult picked it up for the first time and then grew his talent to be that of world class. Then when that was over he just kept doing it. He wrote his book, the Four Hour Work Week and then he built a podcast and he had a television show.

Each thing that he has done is just focused on intently for a period of time until it has been fully launched and he’s getting the kind of results he wants to get. What he wants to experience through that creation and then he moves on to the next passion. If that is you, you have many many different things that you feel passionate about, what do you feel most passionately about today? If you’re not sure, the secret to finding out is to start engaging the creative process. Start tipping your toe in the water of the thing you think you’re most passionate about in this point of your life and see how it goes. Commit to it for a period of time until you start getting real clarity, real momentum and real results.

Let’s shift to my fail proof formula to creating every day. It has three steps. Step one is to decide what your soul feels called to create and for whom right now. I’ve talked about this is in previous episodes about the act pivoting down to your heart space, getting away from the filters of your mind that brings in all sorts of social conditioning in other things so you can tune in to your inner voice, your intuition, your inner being and ask it what it wants you, of course it’s part of you. If we separate you into eagle mind and inner being, your eagle mind can ask your inner being what it wants you to create right now. And what it wants you to focus your creative process on. It will be a voice that comes from within, it’ll be a feeling, a sensation, a nudge, a hunch and just follow that. Your mind is gonna want to second guess it, your mind is gonna want to say well I’m not sure that’s what I heard, I’m not sure that’s right. Acknowledge that second guessing, thank you mind and return to what you feel to be the message coming from your heart and allow that to be what your creative process is focused on right now.

Step two is to pick a time of day where you can commit to it. It can be as little as five minutes a day and let me tell you, five minutes a day every day is better than three hours on Saturday. Try to pick a time every day that you can create. If you’re a morning person, allow that to be early in the morning. If you’re a night owl, allow that to be in the evening. If you have a difficult schedule allow it to be whenever it can be. Don’t let full agenda be an excuse not to do it. Nine times out of ten, if you commit to five minutes that five minutes turns into 10, 20, 30. Pick a time of day to engage in your creative process every day. The third and final step is to do it. That third step to do is really the creative process I’m talking about. It’s creating, offering it up to yourself and others, asking how it felt and doing it again, again and again. There are gonna be days where you feel so much joy in the creative process and it’s gonna be like, ah feel like the greatest things ever and there’s gonna be days where it feels hard and you’re tired and it feels like a slock.

It’s all part of your experience and the days that feel hard and a slock is where you can really check in and ask why. Why is this hard, why is this a slock, what do I need to be doing differently or do I just need to take a nap? It’s all part of your experience with the creative process. All of it, the good days and the bad days are gonna lead you to greater clarity, greater momentum and bigger results for whatever it is that you want to experience, achieve or create. My challenge for you is in the words of Martha Beck, what are you going to create today? What are you gonna create today and can you also commit to creating that thing tomorrow and the next day and the next day. In that commitment to the creative process each and every day you’re core gifts will get clearer. Your core gifts will get more powerful. Your target audience will get clearer. Your ability to connect your gifts to your audience will be stronger. The results that you can create from offering up your core gifts to your ideal people will start to get off the charts.

The love, creativity, connection, joy you feel through this process will only grow. That is what I really wanted to share with you today. I’m so passionate about this topic. If you’re loving this episode I ask you to love it. Subscribe to iTunes, give it a rating and review and share it with a few friends. I am so grateful to you for you for doing and as always until next time stay uncorked.

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