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The 4 Parts Necessary to Reach Our Full, Max Potential

We continue our deep-dive into the world of core gifts. Episodes 13 and 14 were about defining core and shadow gifts, episode 15 explored how to spend more of our days in expression of our core gifts, and episode 16 revealed how to up-level your core gifts and live deeper into your mastery.

Now we’re going to break it down, and I’ll explain what I mean when I say “to be expression of our core gifts.”

In this episode:

  • We explore the core gift process,
  • I reveal the four components necessary to be in expression of your core gifts, and
  • I share how to shift your actions to be in full expression of your core gifts to really be at your full, max potential.

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The Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell Episode #17: The 4 Parts Necessary to Reach Our Full, Max Potential

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You are listening to The Uncorked Conversation podcast with Allison Scammell, episode number 17. Hello and welcome to The Uncorked Conversation. A podcast for soul guided, passion filled women entrepreneurs who want to unpack big magic in life and business without burning out.

We’ll get to the truth. Of how to uncork our core gifts, the ones we keep hidden inside, and how to infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like magic.

We’ll also uncover how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management and planning. I’m your host Allison Scammell. Let’s uncork.

Fellow ShantiPax nation. I’m super excited for today’s episode because we’re going to get specific about all this core gift talk. And I absolutely love taking ideas and putting them into practice in a way that makes our lives feel really really awesome.

So this is a continuation of our deep dive into the world of core gifts episodes 13 and 14 or about defining core and shadow gifts. Episode 15 we looked at how we can spend more of our days in our zone of genius which is where our core gifts lie. Episode 16 revealed how to level our core gifts and live deeper into our mastery.

And now we’re going to break it down and we’re going to look into what the heck I mean when I say to be in expression or to be in full expression of our core gifts. And that is the focus of Episode number 17.

So in today’s episode I will take you through the core gift process. I reveal the four components necessary to be an expression of your core gifts and I share how to shift your actions to be in full expression of your core gifts to really reach your full max potential. I mean like how cool is that. Am I the only one who gets super fired up about this? No, because you’re listening to this that means you’re fired up too.

Let’s start with the core gift process. The core gift process has three stages. The first stage is to define your core gifts and that is the true talents that are uniquely and expressly you. We also then name your core gifts shadow, so that is the dark side to your light and that is the full expression of who you are.

Once we have those named we move on to Stage 2 which is infuze and that’s how you want to infuse your core gifts into life and business with greater intention and I always say with greater intention because we have been expressing our core and shadow gifts our whole lives and oftentimes without knowing it.

So, this is when we realize and we fully understand what our core gifts really are and we start to believe it and own it and understand how unique and powerful they are and then we channel all those gifts we infuse those gifts. We direct those gifts we get momentum behind those gifts to go towards an outcome that we would like to manifest in our lives.

And then last, but not least, is the refined stage. And that’s when we figure out and we identify. How to take our expertise to the next level how to up level how to dive deeper into our mastery so the process is to define, infuse, and refine, and in today’s episode we are really looking at the infusing these are the actions that we take with intention to share our core gifts and the infusing stage of the core gift process has four components.

The first component is your core gift. It is your unique ability and this is the component that doesn’t change. This is the component that stays constant. We are born with a unique ability and the only thing that changes about it through a lifetime is we get to know it better and it gets bigger and stronger and we live into it deeper, but this is something that stays constant.

The second component which can change all the time and in a million different ways is the action, the action you take. It’s how you apply your unique ability. The third component is the medium you use. So it’s the setting, the tool, the environment. It’s where the action takes place. And last but not least is the ideal person that you target.

Your action towards it is the person the people that you are serving they’re called core gifts for a reason you are gifting them to someone that you feel called to serve. Let me give you an example of what I mean by this so I have a client that we’ll called Jenny. Jenny has the core gift and the unique ability to get people excited and to offer alternative solutions to problems.

And one of the things that she has felt called to do is to work with parents who feel bored and tired of their routine with their children and who maybe just zone out front of the television in the evenings because they’re just too tired and she wants to give them alternative solutions to activities that they can do together as a family in the evenings and on the weekends that are really really fun and connecting and energizing for everyone.

So her abilities are to get people excited and offer alternative solutions. Her action is to experiment and explore with her own family about what they can do to connect and have more fun as a family and then to share those ideas with other parents who are struggling to connect and have fun. And because of her core gift to get other people excited all she has to do is show up and do something that makes her excited and share that and her people are going to get excited and want to experiment in the same ways.

Because she loves video and she happens to look great on video and she’s very articulate and well spoken her medium is a youtube channel and her ideal audience of course is parents who are feeling exhausted and unable to connect and have fun as a family. When she takes all of those four components together, she’s in full expression of her core gifts.

Now let me say something else about Jenny. Jenny has a very successful full time day job. And I would offer that she is in her zone of excellence in the day job as many of us are. And so we identified how she could be in full expression of her core gifts and so she is indeed now experimenting with her family and she is indeed sharing that on Instagram with her network.

But now it’s the time where she can choose or choose not to take things to the next level. And that doesn’t necessarily mean quitting her job although it could. And it just means up leveling and we talked about how to upper level in Episode number 16. So she is at a point where she can agree to move on with the status quo and stay in her zone of excellence which as I’ve mentioned in previous episodes has an expiration date to how long we can truly feel happy inside of our zone of excellence or she can take the big leap as Gay Hendricks titled his book to walking into her zone of genius and really being in full expression of her core gifts.

So Jenny if you’re listening, you know who you are, if you’re feeling called or inspired or if anyone is feeling called or inspired by Jenny’s story I challenge you I invite you to up level and take a risk and see what happens when you are in full expression of your core gifts.

So let me give you another example from my life. You hear me talk about my core gifts all the time. I have the ability to use tough love to help others take bold action towards the truth and this ability this truth that I speak has many meanings but specifically the truth of the truth is our core gifts. So I find our unique abilities our unique talents to be a fundamental part of the truth about who we are and why we came on to this planet.

So I am always trying to uncover it deeper for myself and help others to do the same. And so I’m in full expression of my core gifts when I am in a one on one coaching session. So my ability I’ve already just set my action. Is coaching but it’s more than that. So this is where we get really specific and the more specific and nuanced that you get with your action the more magical the result.

So specifically my action is using my intuition to help people identify specifically when their core gifts and their shadow gifts have appeared in their lives. And then to help them define that in a way that feels aligned true and in a way that they can own it. The medium is a one on one coaching space.

I use zoom to create a safe and high vibrational space for coaching and connecting my ideal audience right now are so guided women entrepreneurs who want to uncork their power and they want to up level and they want to infuse the best of themselves into their business and spend their days in their zone of genius. So that is me in full expression and my core gifts.

Another example is this podcast. So my ability to use tough love to help people take bold action towards the truth my action is teaching. And communicating about how to uncork our core gifts and I like to challenge the way we’ve been socially conditioned I like to challenge traditional thinking and the way things are done now in the modern world.

That’s my tough love and I like to challenge you to take big action towards uncovering what it is that you feel born to do. And my medium of course is the podcast which is a perfect medium for me because I love teaching. I love speaking. And I very very much like speaking on this topic. My ideal audience is the same soul guided women entrepreneurs and if you are not a soul guided Women Entrepreneur and you feel aligned to this topic and you love listening to it then you too are an ideal audience. You’re an ideal client. You’re an ideal person.

I target women entrepreneurs. But if I get other people in the process then that is perfect and that means you are also someone I feel called to serve. And so when you’re in full expression of your core gifts all four components really are in sync and in harmony you are in your zone of genius in all four components in your ability in the action you’re taking in the medium and to the person you’re offering your gift to.

So if one thing is out of alignment. So let’s say you want to be teaching in nature but you’re teaching in a classroom and the classroom is starting to feel claustrophobic. Then you won’t be in full expression and that’s your invitation to get outside and start a class outside out in nature for example. So really you want to find the alignment in all four components. An important point to add here is that if something is new it doesn’t mean it’s not in your zone of genius.

Anytime something feels new it’s going to feel hard and that doesn’t mean you should shy away from it. So if you’ve never launched a YouTube channel before it may be the exact right perfect medium for you it may feel new and difficult and daunting at first but there’s your invitation to learn and experiment and see if it’s the right medium for you. Also in the world of social media and all the different ways we can express ourselves sometimes there are certain aspects of a medium that are good for you and certain aspects that are not.

For example Facebook. There are certain things that I really do like about Facebook and there are certain things I do not. So again this is where getting specific will be really really helpful for you to get into that alignment. I’m talking about let’s move on to how you can shift your actions to be an expression of your core gifts to really be at your full max potential. I repeat myself often on this podcast which I think is good because that’s how we learn right in repetition.

You want to learn reform language just repeat words all the time and you will learn a foreign language. So I like repetition in the material I offer you. And so you can shift your actions to be in full expression through the creative process.

And let me tell you what I mean by that. The creative process as I define it is creating something offering it up to at least one person who you intended it for. Deciding how it felt how you did what needs to be changed you tweak and refine and you do it again. That is the creative process and you do it over and over and over. And in that process you get better at whatever it is you’re creating.

And you get clearer and clearer regarding what it is you want to create and for whom.

So if you’re not sure what your unique ability is first Listen to Episode number 13 where I offer a very powerful way to define your core gifts then go to take your best guess. That’s all you can do.

You can start with your best guess and then it’s a question of what have you been nudged to do. What has been nudging you but you felt afraid.

You’re worried what other people think you’ve felt corked up and the nudge is coming from the voice of your inner being. It’s coming from your soul. It’s coming from your higher self. And it’s saying Do this do this. So how can you apply the best guess of your unique ability to the action that you want to take. And then in terms of media what have you been curious about or what’s the medium that you have used in the past that you know you love.

So are you curious about starting Facebook lives but you’ve been afraid. Can you do a Facebook live on a topic that you feel really confident about? Have you been curious about starting a youtube channel? Have you been curious about running classes outside nature. What mediums and there are so many really cool mediums out there now in the 21st century that we can use. What have you been curious about. And then who have you just been called to serve. And there’s a little trick on this last one that I got from Martha Beck and this was a trick she used for coaches who weren’t sure what they wanted their coaching niche to be.

So she called it going to hell and back with Martha back which is a great title. So what is one thing in your life that you’ve really struggled with and you’ve learned more or less. Because we’re always learning right. To overcome it. And then think about other people who are currently struggling with the same problem.

So simply helping others to overcome the challenges that you’ve learned to overcome is often a great place to start in terms of who your ideal people are. Because you’ve been there. You know what it feels like.

You can say that you’ve walked in their moccasins and you feel passionately about helping other people who are struggling with what you once struggled with. And if you don’t work in the world of coaching or healing or working with people who struggle then you’re just creating art or music or inspiration then who does your heart want to help. Ask your heart.

Who is it feeling called to serve and start there. Remember the only place we can ever start is with our best guess you never have absolute clarity on step 1 of any process. So do not use a lack of clarity to prevent you from taking action. It is not a good excuse. You get clarity through consistent action. I have seen that so many times in my life and in the people I’ve coached that I believe in it so fully that clarity comes through action and not just taking action for action’s sake but this action that I’ve been talking about the actions that you’ve been nudged to take and you feel a deep desire to take.

And then in the process of seeing how it felt how you can tweak and refine and how you can do it again. So allow us to recap what we’ve talked about today so the court gif process has three parts to define your core gifts to infuse your core gifts with greater intention in life meaning and to refine your core gifts to take your mastery to the next level. And this episode has been focused on part two The infusing your core gifts to be in full expression of them that’s got four components your unique ability which is your core gifts the actions that you take to express them.

The more specific the better you get here about what the specific action is the medium you use to take the action. And last but not least the target audience that you’re directing your action and your gift towards. You can start shifting to be in greater alignment to be in expression of your core gifts by committing to creating every day starting with your best guess as to what your unique talents are and by following the nudges as to what action wants to happen now. And if you’re feeling at all corked up. Because you fear what might happen if you do take the action then that is your calling card to take it to confront the fear to uncork because your people are out there and they’re waiting for you and they are waiting to receive your gifts.

My action challenge for you this week is to make room and make space in your life for this process and exploration. Take the time to define what your unique abilities are how they want to express themselves what’s the vehicle they want to use and who do they want to serve. Start by creating something that your heart wants to create and be consistent with your creation and see what kind of clarity that consistent creation leads to and dear friends.

If you’re liking this episode if you’re benefiting from the content I kindly ask you to leave me a rating and review so more people can find me and until next time. Please stay uncorked.

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