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How to Define Our Core Gifts

In this episode, we explore exactly what core gifts are, how we can identify when and where they’ve shown up in our life, and how we can use that information to specifically define them. This is the first of several episodes devoted to exploring and deep diving into the topic of core gifts.

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The Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell
Episode #13: How to Define Core Gifts


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You are listening to the Uncorked Conversation with Allyson Scammell. Episode number 13.

Hello and welcome to the uncorked conversation a podcast for soul guided passion filled women entrepreneurs who want to uncork big magic in life and business without burning out. We’ll get to the truth. Of how to uncork our core gifts. The ones we keep hidden inside. And how to infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like magic.

We’ll also uncover how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management and planning. I’m your host Allyson Scammell. Let’s uncork.

Hi there Shanti Pax nation how are you doing? I am so thrilled and excited to be podcasting again after a summer hiatus. And I am really, really excited about the episodes I have coming up. And certainly today’s episode.

I’m going to be deep diving into exploring studying learning all about core gifts. What are they. How can we identify our core gifts. How can we infuse them with greater intention into our life and business. How can we ramp up our expertise and take things to the next level.

This gets me so fired up. I get so excited and thrilled about this topic and I want to then share with you every thing I’ve learned. This podcast as I’m sure you know by now is called the uncorked conversation.

And, as a friendly reminder this is where we delve into how we can uncork these core gifts to share these superpowers with the people were meant to serve. Interestingly I was just going through the core process with one of my clients where we were identifying her core gifts.

We made so many incredible discoveries and she was so thrilled and invigorated by the process that towards the end she said to me with excitement. Allyson, you need to do a podcast episode about core gifts.

My initial reaction was, “Yeah. every episode I’ve done has been about core gifts.”

Then I realize that I’ve spoken about core gifts and weave them into other topics but it was a very good idea to step back and go back to some of the quote unquote basics.

Although I don’t find anything basic about the profound topic of core gifts I do though want to spend the next several episodes focused on defining our core gifts defining our shadow gifts how we can infuse them with greater intention in the life and business and how we can live deeper into our expertise and take our core gifts as powerful as they already are to even the next level.

In this episode we’re going to focus on the defining. We’re going to talk about what core gifts are, how we identify when and where they’ve shown up in our life and how we can use that information to define them first what are core gifts.

I define core gifts as the true talents you are born with that are uniquely and expressly you. No one on the planet, no one who has ever walked the face of the earth, has your specific core gift blueprint. You, my friend, are the only one.

You are the only one with your DNA. Your point of view and you are the only one with your core gifts. Our core guests never change. They deepen and evolve and become more powerful but they don’t change in a lifetime.

You can express them in a million different ways and those ways can continually change but your actual talent or your marked innate ability does not our core gifts can be very nuanced and they tend to fall under broad categories that I call core gift umbrellas

A good example of a core gift umbrella is mothering. Many of us do it, but not all of us have mothering as a core gift. It doesn’t make us bad mothers. It’s just not our core gift. This means we raise our children the best way we can but we don’t feel called to work in the greater field of mothering and child care.

If your core gift is mothering then it’s an exploration into what type of mothering do you help other mothers? Do you work with newborns? Toddlers? Teenagers? And what exact way do you support?

Is it finding ways for families to have more fun? Helping children to process difficult emotions or creating support networks for parents? What are the specific actions that light you up.

Another core gift umbrella that most of us don’t consider. And it’s my primary core gift and that is truth. Some of us were born to seek and uncover the truth and help others do the same. What’s really happening in the world? Why were we born? Where do we come from? What’s our purpose? What’s our core gifts. How are we meant to use our core gifts? What’s the truth?

I noticed that many of my clients who I take through the core gift process are fellow truth seekers and it’s no surprise they found and hired me to be their coach. But each of us define our core gifts differently.

There are nuanced differences. For example one of my clients has the core gift of being the most genuine version of herself and in doing so she inspires and teaches others by example to be their genuine self. There is something so amazing and truly genuine about this person’s true self that you just want to know.

No no no you need to know what she ate for breakfast. How she connects to nature how she taps into her authenticity and her simple response to those types of questions inspires her people in pro found ways emphasis here is on her people because not everyone will be so affected. This is why it’s so important to focus your efforts on offering your core gifts to your ideal people.

Another client and fellow truth seeker has the core gift of seeing past the illusion to hold truth lightly. And deliver it in a way that people can receive it. So if someone presents a false version of them self either knowingly or unknowingly she can help them find the truer version in a way that is understandable and actionable so they can make and sustain the necessary shifts so powerful people who have truth as their core gift tend to choose life coaching or writing or speaking or teaching others in some way as a way to express their gifts but not always.

As with my one client whose core gift is just being her genuine self all she has to do is show up as the most genuine version of herself and she’s expressing her core gift and simply by doing so she will inspire her people to be their most genuine self

Let’s move on to identifying our core gifts. You can identify when your core gifts have shown up in your life by looking back to the highs and lows and the experiences that were both high and low. This is when your core gifts and your shadow gifts tend to appear. I’ll be talking all about shadow gifts in the next episode.

When you look back at your lows or your biggest challenges or hardships. Ask this question How did I cope? How did I get through it? What was I first to do in order to heal? How you coped or healed or helped others through the challenge is you going deep into your core gift.

This goes back to your earliest days as a child and this is when you began to write the blueprint. Looking back at the highs. Why were they high? What were the circumstances that made them so high? What were you doing specifically? Look at the actual actions you were taking? And also consider your surroundings who you were with?

Some of us have a core gift to really connect to nature so maybe a high high was you on a camping trip somewhere or a time where you were living in the mountains. All of these circumstances start to form a picture.

Let me give you an example of how this works. One of my clients remembers when she was about 16 years old and her parents asked her to take the public city bus with her 4 year old little sister by herself to and from school and they live far from the school and they did change buses and it was full of people and crowded and she was responsible for a 4 year old and she herself was only 6.

She didn’t get a lot of instruction from her parents and she felt extremely scared, thought it was unfair, and was upset with them for putting her in this situation. Sad story right.

Not necessarily. Not when you look at it through the lens of core gifts. This situation didn’t happen by accident. This challenge appeared in her life for a divine purpose the divine purpose was to help her develop her core gifts.

And so what she did as a 16 year old was she said to herself, right, I am going to find a solution to this problem but the thing is it’s not like she was a functioning adult who was in a city for the first time trying to figure out how to navigate public transportation.

She was a 16 year old so the types of solutions that an adult would find for this situation is very very different than what a 16 year old would find and so she had to find alternative solutions to a problem. And that gift showed up repeatedly in her life where she was able to find the alternative solution that other people couldn’t see and the challenges

She’s manifested through her life continually helped her to develop and hone this core gift this brings us to how do we use this information that we collected. Looking back over our life to our highs and lows and how we coped and how we thrived to define our core gifts.

What I experience most from clients is one of two extremes. When we start to identify their core gifts either it’s so obvious that the person dismisses it they’ll say yes of course I’m good at x or y and I’ll say But don’t you see that as a core gift.

And their response to me is no that’s not a core gift that’s just something I’m good at like da Alison. And seeing it as obvious and therefore UN Special they dismiss it and don’t value it and see the absolute power for infinite potential that lies in that obvious talent.

The other response I get when we get to the part of naming the core gift is I’ve never considered that talent as a gift. I did an entire episode on the reason why we tend to caulk up our hideaway our core gifts. So I encourage you to go back and listen to episode number six on that we do have a tendency to deny our core gifts and very often it comes because we start to express our core gifts at a very young age.

And it’s a very strong part of our personality often and sometimes the shadow appears and some adult or figure that we look up to tells us to caulk up hide it away we don’t want that strong personality showing up so we make the conclusion as a child that that ability is bad and we spend our entire life basically cooking up our greatest power our greatest superpower.

That’s why it’s so critically important that we take this time no matter how far along you are in the process of personal growth or if you feel like you’re just beginning to stop and say What is my core gifts how can I name them and how can I spend most of my day expressing my core gifts. Now there’s something I want to say about defining core gifts and that is when we are in the act of expressing a core gift.

We are in a very high vibrational state. Sometimes we’re in the highest vibrational state that we can be in when we’re in full expression. And by naming that act by putting words to it we’re putting something artificial a word an invented word on something that is completely true and genuine. So on the one hand it is useful to name your core gift to find the words but on the other hand just be advised that.

The words will never ever truly define it the way you truly define it is by being it by doing it by and by doing it.

And so I believe that the naming process is important because it helps guide us and gives us clarity but not to be too attached to the words and the words thing itself. The other thing I’ll mention is that oftentimes I hear people say well all my life I’ve heard that I’m good at x or y so I assume I’m good at x or y. Sometimes it is indeed true.

They are good at that but sometimes we need to explore what other people have told us. Were good at. And maybe there’s something more there other people’s perception of us are not always 100 percent accurate. And so it’s much much more.

Accurate and clear to look back in our life at the highs and lows and specifically identify and name when the core gifts have shown up and be sure to tune in to the next episode which will be all about shadow gifts because identifying your shadow also is extremely helpful in naming your core gifts so naming your dark is very very helpful in naming your light and pointing to your light. So let’s review what we’ve learned.

Core gifts are the true talents that are uniquely and expressly you do not get caught up in the thought that there is nothing special about you. There is nothing unique about you. There is nothing powerful about you because that is not true. You are unique you are special.

You have a true talent you have an ability and you were put on this earth to share it with your people. And the more you accept that and embrace that and start tweaking and shifting your life to be more in alignment to expressing your core gifts more and more throughout the day the more abundant you’ll receive the more joy you’ll experience the more energy you’ll have. The benefits that will come back to you are profound.

You identify your core gifts by looking back at your life and identifying your significant life events both the highs and the lows and the experiences that were both and you identify what ability you displayed when you coped when you got through the challenge as well as what you were doing and what ability you were displaying when you were thriving.

And be sure to pay attention to themes when you start to identify that. Then it gets to the part of naming finding the words without getting too attached to the words. And you can start simply with my core gifts are the ability to dot dot dot see what comes from within what comes from your gut. And once you get a definition written return to it from time to time and see how you can continually tweak and refine and tell the words do start to feel correct feel aligned and they feel like they really sing.

That’s what I wanted to share with you today and if you are as excited about this material as I am I kindly ask you to give us a rating and review on iTunes so more people can find us. And until next time. Stay on caulked.

Looking for a tribe to call your own then join us at the Uncorked Cabal. We dream and scheme and look for new ways to infuse our core gifts in the life and business. Find the link to join my Web site. Shantipax.com, that’s s-h-a-n-t-i-p-a-x dot com.