The Uncorked Conversation

Episode 10 Giving Back to Manifest Unspeakable Abundance


Giving Back to Manifest Unspeakable Abundance

In this episode, I tell a story of unspeakable abundance. I will devote every 10th episode of the Uncorked Conversation podcast to telling a story that comes with a lesson and in service to helping us uncork our core gifts. In this story, I share how I learned to manifest abundance by giving back without being attached to the outcome (or even considering it giving back).

I want to thank the mesmerising Erin Sharaf and the extraordinary Genuine Jane Bernstein for allowing me to use their names in the story.

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The Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell
Episode #10: Giving Back to Manifest Unspeakable Abundance


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You are listening to the Uncorked Conversation podcast with Alliyson Scammell episode number 10.

Hello and welcome to the uncorked conversation, a podcast for soul guided passion filled women entrepreneurs who want to uncork big magic in life and business without burning out.

We’ll get to the truth of how to uncork our core gifts, the ones who keep hidden inside and. infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like. magic.

We’ll also uncover how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management planning. I’m your host Allyson Scammell. Let’s uncork.

Hello Shantipax nation. I hope the sun is shining brightly wherever you are in the world. Here we are on episode number 10. Woo hoo.

I get a lot of inspiration about podcasting from Brooke Castillo and her life coach school podcast which I love and highly recommend. Brooke dedicates every 10th episode to talking about one of her teachers who has inspired her.

I love this concept so I’m adopting a variation and I will devote every tenth episode of The uncorked conversation to telling a story. The lost art of storytelling is making a great comeback and I’d like to support that trend. And of course the stories I tell will always be with a lesson and in service to helping us uncork big magic in life and business.

I spent a lot of time reading about and listening to podcasts on the law of attraction and how we can intentionally live our lives and manifest I deal outcomes. One thing you will hear often from Law of Attraction gurus is that in order to manifest abundance you must first give back or giving back is a part of manifesting abundance.

But the caveat is that you can’t give back expecting anything in return. In other words it should ideally be out of the goodness of your heart. And although I always understood that intellectually I wasn’t ever really sure how to put that into practice.

Sure I love giving back. That’s not the issue. But if giving back is part of manifesting abundance and I want to manifest abundance how can I give back in a way where I don’t expect anything in return.

And the question vexed me for many years until something miraculous happened to me which solve the riddle. And this my friends is the topic of our very first storytelling episode The uncorked conversation podcast. Let’s begin.

Once upon a time circa three or four years ago a woman kept showing up on my Facebook news feeds. She and I were connected through Facebook and had both taken Martha Becks life coach training but, we had never met or even interacted virtually but my inner voice kept telling me she was someone I had to know.

So I reached out to her introduced myself and we scheduled a time to skype during our chat. We instantly connected and became virtual pals. She asked me why had reached out and I said I just knew I wanted to connect.

This enchanting person of whom I speak is Erin Sherriff. You may recall I interviewed the brilliant Ms Sheriff on episode number four about exploring the power of magic and if you haven’t listened to that episode yet add it to your playlist. Erin and I stayed in touch on and off through the years checking in periodically via face time.

Then one day out of the blue I received an email from Erin saying that she had had a powerful dream with my daughter in it who at the time was about 6 months old. In that moment I felt a strong nudge in internal tap a desire to offer a dream analysis to Erin. Martha Beck offers a powerful dream analysis tool as part of her training. So I knew Erin would know the tool well.

This is also about the time in my coaching practice where I made the decision that I no longer wanted to coach for free. I would offer mates rates to friends and family or barter in exchange for services but no more freebies. It was the point in my coaching career that I knew with clarity that coaching for free no longer served me but the nudge was so strong to offer the dream analysis to Erin.

I did and it was very clear to me that Erin wasn’t expecting it or hoping I’d offer she was just simply sharing with me that my daughter appeared in a profound dream. She informed me of this and in response I felt this desire to offer the dream analysis for free. I didn’t see it as giving back and I certainly didn’t think about anything I could get in return.

The thought didn’t cross my mind. It was just something that I really really wanted to do. So Erin accepted my offer and we established a time my daughter Freya is now almost 2. I’ve known for some time four years before she was born in fact that she was going to be a big life force and that her soul is actually much older than my own.

So I wasn’t surprised to hear that she was showing up in dreams of other big life forces such as Erin’s dream. Erin describe to me was fairly simple.

It was the analysis that came later that was profound in the dream. Erin was at a festival in a country like Burma. There were lights singing and dancing and a festive ambience. Freya was there as the life of the party.

Everybody wanted to be near Freya and to Erin. Freya seemed confident, connected ,and unstoppable. Erin longed in the dream to be more like Freya and she felt disconnected to the people and the festivities.

In the dream analysis we ask the dream elements to say why they’re here and what message they have for the dreamer. And this is what Freya had to say to Erin. I am here to show Erin and guide Erin that she is me and I am her.

She is all of these things confident connected unstoppable. She thinks she loves me but she didn’t. I am the consciousness. All that is life force. She forgets and she looks for it outside of herself but she can trust it and trust that she doesn’t have to believe the old ways of separation.

Just remember the joy, confidence, and clarity she saw in me stop and connect to it at any moment.

When we finished the analysis I was blown away. I’ve analyzed a lot of dreams but there was something about this particular message from Freya to Erin that really struck my heart and I saw that this was an analysis really for everyone.

It’s for all of us to know that at any moment we can stop and connect and we can connect to the joy confidence and clarity and know that we are not separate but we are confident connected and un stoppable I felt a surge of gratitude for Erin for sharing her dream with me and for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this wisdom.

So we said thank you’s and our goodbyes and we went on with our lives and did our usual check in with each other from time to time. How are you doing what is happening?

And then about a year later when I launched my podcast I knew that Erin was one of the first people that I wanted to have as a guest because Erin is the founder of mindfulness and magic and the word magic kept appearing in my life.

And I kept seeing it everywhere I looked. And I knew I wanted to do an episode specifically dedicated to magic and that Erin would be the expert. I wanted to speak to and during the interview Erin said something.

It wasn’t one of her main points. It was just a minor comment she made and a spark blew up inside of my head and I knew that one statement she said was the clarity and the guidance that I had been looking for regarding a book. I want to write this one little sentence she said guided me directly to the very clear thesis of a book that I feel very called to write.

And I knew in that moment that this is what the law of attraction gurus were talking about. I offered to do a dream analysis for Erinand I offered to coach her for free with out expecting truly not expecting anything in return. Nor was Erin expecting anything from me but as it works in manifesting abundance Erin returned to me in the form of the clarity I needed for a book. But it doesn’t stop there.

Erin then very kindly out of the generosity of her heart shared our podcast episode to her mailing list and said some very kind and thoughtful things about me and someone on her mailing list.

Listen to our episode and decided that she wanted to hire me to be her life coach and this person who hired me is an amazing woman named Jane Bernstein who she herself is a very successful writer editor and life coach and Shane is simply extraordinary.

I always have thought after each session that I should be paying her because I get so much joy out of coaching with her. And I myself learn so much so the fact that Jane found me and hired me and she is just an ideally ideal wonderful extraordinary client and person all thanks to the generosity of Erin for sharing our episode with her network and saying nice things about me.

And I believe again this was abundance. Big big unexpected abundance returning to me for simply following the nudge to offer Erin a coaching session. So the moral of the story is the key to giving back in any capacity and certainly for manifesting abundance without expecting anything in return is to follow the nudges when a burst of inspiration hits you and you feel that nudge to give back just because you want to give back and for no other reason and or expectation do it.

That is your calling to give back. So whether it’s giving your time or your money or your know how how ever it is that you feel like you want to give back.

Do it try to shift away from giving back out of obligation out of pressure out of you think it’s the right thing to do and giving back expecting any thing in return. And to be honest when you’re really embracing this fully you don’t even expect a thank you because your desire to give back is so strong that the act of giving back and the feelings that are generated the high vibrational feelings of joy and connection and love that you feel in the process of doing it.

That is your reward. That is your thank you. Nothing else. And that is when abundance comes back to you without you ever expecting it and in strange and miraculous and out of the blue ways. And when that abundance comes back to you you just feel gratitude for it because that’s all there is to feel. There’s no sense of I want more of this. There’s no sense of attachment. There’s no sense of let me keep giving back to keep receiving it’s just receiving with gratitude. And that is so so beautiful.

So that is the story I wanted to tell about giving back the right way. And I want to mention that I very much got Erin and Jane’s permission to tell this story and to use their names. And if you want to learn more about Aaron’s coaching check her out at ErinSheriff dot com. I’ll leave her Web site in the show notes.

She is offering a super cool coaching program called unfurl. I love that it is so directly related to uncorking and this podcast is all about uncorking and she will help you on Lee’s sheer brilliance.

And for Jane dear genuine Jane she can write anything for anyone or help them write whatever it is from biota book to artist statement to mission statement. She’s a life coach who works with people ready to make a change in their life or want to get clear about what they want to create in their life.

And you can contact her at Happy mediums at gmail dot com. Again that will be in the show notes and both Erin and Jane are brilliant brilliant teachers and I couldn’t recommend connecting to them more.

I’m just so excited and happy that this was my first story to tell and I very much look forward to telling another story on episode number 20. And certainly if you have an interesting or unique story that you would like me to share I would love to do it.

Just drop me a line at info at Shanti pax dot com. That’s all I have for you today at Intel. Next time I am begging you to please stay uncorked.

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