Episode 27
Ep 21 Using Our Inner Voice to Get Crystal Clear On Our Core Gifts
Episode 20 So Thankful I Didn't Cork Up
Episode 12 How to Want What We Have
Episode 11 Why Our Problems Are Not First World
Episode 10 Giving Back to Manifest Unspeakable Abundance
Episode 9 Lessons From Living in 10 Countries About Our Ability to Uncork Our Core Gifts
Episode 8 How to Communicate with Confidence + Own Your Elevator Speech
Episode 7 How to Define + Find Your Ideal People
Episode 6 Why We Try Hardest to Cork Up the Absolute Best, Most Powerful Parts of Ourselves
Episode 5 How to Play Procrastination (and Procrastination’s Opposite) to Our Advantage
Episode 4 Exploring the Power of Magic + How to Make More Of It
Episode 3 The Tricky Emotion of Defeat + How It Sabotages Our Efforts
Episode 2 The Game Changing Power of the “YES, AND…” Mindset