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Big News + The Magic of Uncorking

For the past nine months I’ve been pursuing my master coaching certification. Aaaand…I’m happy to announce the big news that: I am now a master certified life coach (cue applause)! The certification was intense at times. Every Wednesday night, for example, there was a teleclass at 7:00 pm – also known as Freya’s bedtime. This […]

Are you should-ing all over yourself? How to stop.

Do you ever “should all over yourself?” In other words, do you ever bombard yourself with shoulds? I should exercise every day. I should eat healthier. I shouldn’t watch so much TV. I shouldn’t drink so much wine. I should be further along in my career. I should be doing, well, better. I recently realized […]

I Discovered a Secret to Success in Iceland

I spent Easter weekend in Iceland. For some reason we chose not to rent a beach villa in southern Spain and instead visited a country that was snowing, windy, and freezing cold. Luckily, our first two days were gorgeous and sun-soaked. But the last day was bitterly cold and sleeting sideways with 50 km/hour winds. […]

Why the Flaming Heck Am I Cussing?

For the past six months, I’ve been in that blissful, frustrating, joyous, tiring, gratifying, happy place called motherhood. Our little cherub, Freya Elle, is now 6 months old, and she’s the best baby ever to be born (accept for when she misses a nap). So much has happened since Freya joined planet Earth, it’s hard to know […]

Caution! Avoid these 3 words (+ do this instead)

I’m in my last weeks of bun in the oven. To date, I’ve been blessed with an ease-ful, joyful, and healthy pregnancy. Being preggars has been an incredible journey where I’m continually exposed to new and fascinating things. In particular, the various discussions I’ve had with others about the whole baby process has been eye-opening. […]

Passion Pursuits: Can’t decide which passion to pursue today? Learn how one master coach continually evolves to pursue his passions

“We each bring some unique expression into this world…and that gift needs to be shared with other people.” – Michael Trotta Aaah, it’s April. I have a radical idea for you this month. Instead of tackling your typical spring cleaning projects, spend some time pursuing the things that interest you most. Get your hands in […]

Passion Pursuits: Learn how one educator balances a full plate of passions

I’m thrilled to introduce my rebooted interview series called, “Passion Pursuits.” If you’re a long-time Shanti Pax subscriber, you will recall the peace interviews I used to conduct. I absolutely loved doing those interviews, so I decided to bring them back. Most of you know by now that I’m on a mission to help people […]

How to Handle People Who Piss You Off

“Don’t believe everything you think.” -Byron Katie Have you ever been so pissed off with someone after an argument that you replay the conversation over and over in your head for days? You return to the tense moments and reenact the things you should have said and stew over what they said to you. Or […]

8 Ways to Use Technology to Tune-In, Not Tune-Out

Your powerful peace actions: → Live mindfully → Do what makes your heart sing “Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively.” – Sharon Salzberg   Ugh, that feeling of overwhelm. You know the one. You have too much to do and not enough hours in the day, so you’re […]

Don’t Do These 5 Things if You Want to Prevent Bookstores From Becoming a Thing of the Past

Your powerful peace actions: → Buy local → Know you are powerful beyond measure I love books – new books, used books, hardback, and paperback. And likewise, I love bookstores. I love grabbing a cup of chai and flipping through the endless plots lines, devious characters, and personal development techniques. At the same time, I […]

6 Potent Acts of Peace to Take on Peace Day – 21 September

This is the story of the International Day of Peace observed every year on 21 September. In 1981, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution by unanimous vote establishing the International Day of Peace as a day of ceasefire and nonviolence. In 2002, the UN officially declared September 21 as the permanent annual date […]