Finally…A NEW Message From My Spirit Guides

“My guides told me this message so many times that it annoyed me.”

Allowing in your states of being

Finally, my Divine Guidance Team has just given me a NEW call to action.

This has come as a surprise because for the past 3 years I’ve been receiving a different message.

The former message, which I received over and over and over was:

“Do less, and be more.”

My guides told me this message so many times that it annoyed me.

“I know, I know,” I’d say. “Can you give me something new??”

And they’d only respond with: “Do less, and be more.”

They were calling me to stop DOING so much busy work – overly focused on my to-do list and plugged into my devices.

And they were calling me to START BEING more – being in nature, being in my body, being in the present moment, and being in joy, harmony, and flow.

The truth is I needed to hear the message a thousand times because for most of us our default mode is DOING.

We’re trained to get up in the morning and hit the day – get the kids to school, race to work, meet that first client, and tackle the ole email inbox.

It’s a challenging thing to un-train.

But it’s possible, especially if you make it simple. Such as….

💖  Taking three deep breaths before you turn on your computer

💖  Going for walks in nature in the middle of the afternoon without your phone

💖  Pausing midmorning to color, paint, or create something with your hands

💖  Journaling, meditating, taking a bath, or anything else that feels relaxing to you

And while engaging in these activities, the only thing to do is to BE…

Be in the moment, be in your heartspace, and be in connection to nature, your breath, your Higher Self.


This year…

I FINALLY received a NEW message from my Divine Guidance Team.

The message is:

“Use your being to do more on less effort.”

What this means is I’m being called to add more creation to my average week…but from a state of BEING.

So before I start creating something, I drop into a state of being such as peace, harmony, joy or love.

So I’m creating from a joy or love state.

And when I’m creating from a place of joy or love, I’m able to produce more on less time and effort.

For example, if I’m drafting a social media post from a JOY state, it’ll be just right on the 2nd draft instead of the 4th or 5th.

And this describes the energy of 2023.

First and foremost, we’re being called to get quiet and spend time in our Inner Cave.

Then, we’re being called to create from our powerful being – so that we’re producing at a HIGHER LEVEL on LESS EFFORT.

When you really feel into it, it’s an amazing energy.

But you cannot access the “create more on less energy” as powerfully without first spending time in the Inner Cave.

So my invitation for you this week is to spend some time in your Inner Cave. Then, ask your Divine Guidance Team:

“What states of being are you calling me to?”

And before you start doing or creating, drop into those states of being FIRST, and see what magic unfolds.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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