#4 – How To Add More Humor and Playfulness to Your Day

Shanti Pax launched a peace process. This is blog #4 of a 10-blog series called, “The Peace Process: Your 10 Most Powerful Actions for Lasting Peace.” These are the top 10 actions you can take to be AT PEACE during your day and ADD PEACE to the world.

Your 4th most powerful action is: Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

This is part 2 of a 2-part interview with Gary Malkin where we discuss an initiative he co-launched called, What Makes Your Heart Sing? – a project that aims to awaken inspiration in people all over the world, and then to make that inspiration practical in our work, family, and relationships.

Gary’s other list of accomplishments are long and include winning several Emmy awards, co-creating the internationally acclaimed CD, Graceful Passages, and creating the spoken words and music montage for the short film, Gratitude, currently the most popular TEDx talk in history.

Gary and I discuss What Makes Your Heart Sing? and ways you can add more humor and playfulness to your day by doing the things you are passionate about. Click the video below to watch:

For more information on Gary’s products, visit: http://www.wisdomoftheworld.com/, and for information on What Makes Your Heart Sing?, visit: http://whatmakesyourheartsing.net/.

If you missed part 1 of the interview, click here: https://allysonscammell.com/?p=1891.

What do you think? What is it you feel passionate about? Was do you wish you had more time to do? How do you carve out time in your day to do the things you love?

Take action! I challenge you to take stock of the things you truly love doing and then think of ways to incorporate more humor, playfulness, and passion into your daily or weekly routine.

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Remember, it’s the little changes you make in your daily life that brings greater peace to the whole.