A Near Death Experience and a Remarkable Story of Healing From the Heart

Learning to heal is a critical aspect of sustainable peace. For peace within ourselves and peace in the world, we must learn to heal everything from wars to personal injuries to emotional trauma. And this is the story of healing from the heart.

Healing from the heart and other energy healing is a fast growing field. Dr. Oz and countless other well-known doctors have written books about it and there are endless stories of miraculous recovery.

To tell this story, I spoke with Kerry Keegan, a meta-physician, intuitive consultant, and yoga instructor with over 25 years of experience. Kerry tells her otherworldly story of natural healing after a near death experience.

She describes a car accident where she left her body after the point of impact, decided to return to her body, and her remarkable road of recovery that took place outside of a traditional hospital. Click the video below to hear more.

To contact Kerry or to learn more about her teachings, visit her website at: www.kerrykeegan.com.

Post a comment: Do you have experience with healing from the heart or other types of energy healing? If not, try the challenge below and post your results.

Your challenge: Try experiencing life from the heart space for a few minutes a day. There are countless ways to do this, but one technique is to focus in on the energy around your heart and shift your awareness out of your head and to the area of your upper chest. Do you notice a shift in perspective? Does it make you feel lighter?

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¹Feature photo from www.limitlessbody.com.

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